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A Holiday Safety Lesson and My New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again when resolutions are made and broken, however this year I have decided to make a safety resolution that I will keep, after my own holiday incident.

During the break, I was putting together a trampoline for my kids as a Christmas present. I am definitely not a skilled handyman, it was Christmas Eve and darkness was beginning to set in 6 hours after starting (the box recommended 2 hours to complete)! The frustration level was building at a steady rate, my eagerness to complete the task at hand was increasing. I was nearing the end of the job and began tightening the second last bolt on one of the legs when disaster struck.

Tightening too fast and hard, the bolt snapped and shot off striking me just below my eye. My Christmas present was a black eye and a serious lesson, a couple of millimeters higher and I could have received a serious injury.

For years at work when I was a safety advisor, I would instruct others to take the proper precautions, assess the risks, wear the appropriate PPE, and yet I did not operate at home by my own advice.

Whilst it is embarrassing to share this slip, hopefully, it may get others thinking about the risks outside of work. This year, my resolution is to assess and mitigate the risks at home as I do at work, what is your New Year’s safety resolution?


Matt (& Team Donesafe).

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