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January, Donesafe

It has been an exciting month for Donesafe, this month we have engaged some awesome new partners, signed on new customers and added heaps of new functionality to the product including:

– Chemical Register: Stay on top of chemicals, material safety data sheets, and related hazards with our Chemical Register.

– Consultation: Plan and manage consultation with your workers, ensure that all matters are covered through our smart relationship functionality.

– Learning Management: Know where you stand with worker tickets and training records, receive alerts when critical training is close to expiry.

We are working on a bunch of new features to be rolled out in February including Self Sign Up and Advanced Reporting.

In the News:

We like to keep our community up to date on all the things we are seeing in the safety world, this month we reported on a number of newsworthy items including:

Qantas got two mentions this month, starting off the month poorly by being hit with a $200K fine for selling unsafe products and finishing the month on a high after being rated as the safest international airline

Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill Mine also got multiple mentions after continued safety incidents including a crane toppling over.

A number of senior union officials were in hot water, facing fines in excess of $1M for alleged safety law breaches.

China gets tougher on safety, amending safety laws, and increasing penalties for malpractice with a focus on employer compliance.

There is a load more on our Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook pages, if you check out one thing this month, the winner of the safety rap has been stuck in our collective heads.

Stay Safe,

Team Donesafe.

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