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Today, don’t forget to ask #RUOK?

Since 2009, the RUOK?DAY movement has fast become one of the most recognizable movements of the modern era. When you consider just how far suicide prevention has come; from something rarely discussed, to a staple of the modern health conversation; it’s really quite remarkable just how influential movements like this really are.

And so they should be.

According to data from the World Health Organisation every year over 800,000 people worldwide die from suicide, with countless more who attempt to do so. has compiled WHO’s data and found that suicide rates have increased up by 60% over the last 45 years; suicide has become an epidemic.

It’s for this reason that movements like RUOK aren’t only good, but entirely necessary.


Though research in this area is still ongoing, there are countless stories of people’s lives completely changing direction as a result of simple communication. That’s what the RUOK movement is really about: Communication. Depression and anxiety are made infinitely worse by the feelings of isolation and loneliness. The simple act of asking someone; RUOK? makes the difference between someone feeling utterly alone, and a semblance of hope. One simple question can make all the difference.

So today, take the time to make a difference and ask someone; anyone; RUOK?

And as always, Stay safe out there.

By Christopher Notley-Smith at

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PS. If you’re struggling with mental health issues please visit the BeyondBlue site for support, advice, and action.

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