A Merry Christmas, Donesafe

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Christmas is a time of great food, drink, family, and friends. Unfortunately, Christmas can also have a
dark side as each year, emergency rooms fill up and thousands of people are treated for holiday-related injuries.

Donesafe is here to help with several tips to stay safe this Christmas.

Christmas Trees & Decorations:
– When purchasing artificial trees, look for fire-resistant models that resist burning and should extinguish quickly.
– When purchasing live trees, look for freshness as they should not lose as many needles.
– Never use lit candles on or around a tree.
– Check light sets for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections.
– Before using outdoor lights, check that they have been certified for outdoor use.
– Always turn lights off when you are not at home.
– Test smoke alarms and have an evacuation plan.

Food Safety:
– Ensure that all meats and poultry are fully cooked.
– Thoroughly wash raw vegetables and fruits.
– Keep your hands washed during food preparation.
– Always thaw meat in a refrigerator.
– Foods that require refrigeration should never be left at room temperature for extended periods.

Traveling to Parties:
– Do a thorough check of your vehicle before traveling (Tyres, Oil, Coolant, etc).
– Wear your seatbelt and ensure others do the same.
– Don’t drink and drive, organize a taxi or a designated driver.

Toy Safety:
– Ensure toys are age-appropriate, check labels for age, and safety instructions.
– Supervise children with electrical and battery-operated toys.

The Donesafe team hope you have a Merry and Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Team Donesafe.