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Clients using Donesafe Audi

“Since implementing Donesafe, Audi has seen 
 a significant decrease in time and paperwork 
 whilst achieving superior results in health 
 and safety management.”

Emily Watkins, HR Manager at Audi

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Case Studies

Donesafe works with organizations of all types and sizes, from sole traders to fortune 500. Get to know some of our clients and the difference Donesafe has made in their organizations.


“Since implementing Donesafe, Audi has seen 
 a significant decrease in time and paperwork 
 whilst achieving superior results in health 
 and safety management.”

Audi adopted the Donesafe platform to accommodate a shift away from paper and to help them complete their audit requirements on quality, health and safety.
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“We saw a 30% reduction in safety incidents 
 within six months. I couldn’t imagine 
 doing our jobs without Donesafe”

Silk found themselves in a position where as they grew they began to see an increase in safety incidents. After adopting the Donesafe platform they saw a 30% reduction in safety incidents within six months.
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Sayfa Group

“Donesafe has helped our managers easily keep on top of safety using their mobile devices and it’s so easy to use we have seen a 3 fold increase in reported events.”

By removing paper, Sayfa lowered the cost of operation, whilst also improving the visibility of their safety performance. Analytics allowed them to identify ways to reduce their safety incidents and reduce their workers’ compensation premiums.
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Kogarah Golf Club

"The system is intuitive, interactive and easily captures data for later reference and analysis. Whilst customised to our present needs Donesafe will adapt and grow with our business needs.”

Kogarah Golf Club adopted the Donesafe platform to enable the business to manage all Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Security from one, easy-to-use platform.
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Aus Flight Handling

“Before Donesafe, the process to pull weekly reports involved manual extraction and analysis of data from multiple systems. This information had to be shared with all senior management across 14 sites. With Donesafe, it takes minutes. It’s amazing!”

By simplifying the process, AFH were able to achieve an increase of 90% nationally in reporting in just over 4 months. The speed and ease of use means workers complete the necessary information and can return back to work within minutes.
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What our clients say. Latest user reviews

Donesafe is a trusted company that delivers exceptional solutions to industry leading clients.

LOVING Donesafe!

5.0 rating
December 22, 2019

Easy to navigate, find it easy to identify hazards and incidents as well as complete checklists for safety purposes within our store. Multiple employees in my store can use Donesafe and it’s an easy way to communicate safety issues within the store. Checklists are done on time and once completed, they are unable to be tampered with giving an authentic date to when it was completed.
100% enjoyable and full of ease. Never had a trouble, easy to learn and to teach other employees how to use.

Rachel C, McDonald's

Very easy site to log Hazards and incidents when they arise. Very easy to complete checks.

5.0 rating
August 27, 2018

Easy to navigate, the site is user friendly and also has a training section to practice logging hazards etc. A safer workplace with multiple staff ensuring the checks are completed.

Mark B, McDonald's

Donesafe = no more admin headaches!

5.0 rating
January 14, 2020

Donesafe has been great for us! It takes the headache out of our team logging incidents and hazards as they occur, and makes handling those tasks super easy through the workflows we’ve set up. No more paperwork nightmares!
With Donesafe, safety issues like incidents and hazards can be easily reported and actioned by our team, all in real-time. There’s no need for lengthy back and forths or manual handling – Donesafe automates our entire safety workflow – it’s a breeze!

Education Manager

Love Donesafe

5.0 rating
November 13, 2019

Very user friendly to complete and assign tasks, complete checklists and communicate. Makes reviewing Safety and Security in the restaurant an easy task.

Zoe S, McDonald's

Accessible and effective risk management tool

5.0 rating
August 25, 2019

Easy to use
Quick and efficient
Able to gather and analysis data
Great customer support with quick response to any question or concern
User guides and videos are very accessible and easy to follow for administrators

Marco L, Assa Abloy

Software review

5.0 rating
August 24, 2019

Ease of set up
Brilliant customer support Australian multitude of applications for business use
Stream lined application, easy to use and fantastic mentoring of the product

Margie G, Workplace OH&S Solutions

Brilliant Software

5.0 rating
August 20, 2019

The software is very simple to use and acceptable price compared to other organisation.

K Nguyen, Health & Fitness


5.0 rating
August 19, 2019

Donesafe is one of the best system because it is easy to use and secure, and it syncs your preferences. The product price is low and affordable. I glad to choose Donesafe as our partner.

K Llol, UTS

Great Product

5.0 rating
July 24, 2019

The amount of features and apps on Donesafe is so comprehensive and gave us real confidence in the solution. It catered for all our OWHS needs.
The scale of the service is great it just means you need the right implementation. This isn’t a draw back, and the Donesafe team are fantastic at organising these.

Alex L, Black Nova Group

Donesafe Review from a Shift Manager

5.0 rating
July 22, 2019

It is easily accessible for all employees in the business and regardless of their relationship. It is also environmentally friendly as previously hard copies had to be sent to an archive run by McDonalds for a minimum of 7 years. Now this system stores it on the cloud and automatically deletes files about WHS and incidents that occur.

Adit A - McDonald's

Wow - Now I know why it is called the peoples software

5.0 rating
June 6, 2019

The software is exceptional but the support team are just as exceptional. Nothing has been to much trouble for Glenn, Louise, Jason and Clive. We have had so much support and Monica our project lead is a true Donesafe magician. Monica has done a fantastic job in making our user interface reflect us and our needs at Team Baw Baw!
We have had the ability to fully customise the out of the box software package to our needs. This is not something other providers are so keen on doing. It has our risk matrix, our language and mirrors our hard copy forms and templates. This system is allowing us to link our health and safety frameworks with our operational processes out in the community were we work.

Jackie, O - Baw Baw Shire Council

10/10 Donesafe

5.0 rating
June 2, 2019

It is easy to navigate and for all different levels of Crew – Management to use.
It is great for my Crew to report Hazards which I get notified straight away, likewise with my Management team and any incientes that occur.

Nicole, B - McDonald's

The most progressive WHS & Compliance solution in the market

5.0 rating
March 6, 2019

Donesafe is the most dynamic and responsive WHS/OHS management solution in the market. Its usability and simplicity means that an organisation can mange its WHS, Compliance and Operational Risks in one place. Donesafe is an easy, simple, user-friendly system that can be implemented in real time!
The system allows the business to manage all risks in real time, reducing paperwork whilst meeting the requirements of ISO 45001:2018

Andy L, WHS Australia

EASY to configure and use

5.0 rating
February 24, 2019

We have recently commenced working with Donesafe to design, configure and deploy an Incident / Injury Management System. This has allowed us to consolidate our processes into one easy to use system designed with our business users in mind. The system allows us to manage incidents and injuries across multiple jurisdictions where there are different regulatory requirements.
The Donesafe team have been responsive to our needs and provided great service. The software has provided a higher level of visibility and efficiency in managing incidents and injuries.
Pros – User experience – Flexibility to configure the system to meet our business requirements – Ability to create custom dashboards with the click of a button.
Cons – We have not had any negative experiences since implementation.

Peter. H, SKYCITY Entertainment Group Ltd

A simple, straight forward online database of all the tools your company needs to stay compliant

5.0 rating
February 20, 2019

A joy. A breeze. A task no one wants to do, made a little easier.
Pros – The thing I like most about the Donesafe software is how easy it is to use. Donesafe is great because it puts everything you need into one place. You’re ENTIRE H&S system!! Accident Registers, Chemical Registers, Plant Equipment, Hazard Registers etc… Everything!!
Cons – I truly, honestly have not found anything yet that I would complain about. Even when I run into an issue, their support team are fast responding, friendly and super helpful. How could anyone complain?

Steph. B, European Autospares Ltd

Donesafe feedback

5.0 rating
February 1, 2019

Very easy and self explanatory. Very easy for our Call Centre Staff to understand and to fill out the incident report if they need to. Very useful tool.

Nishit, G - Tabcorp

The software is easy and user friendly

5.0 rating
January 30, 2019

Easy and effective accessible and able to follow directions thoroughly
It makes it easy to assist and access the report you need and to ensure all compliance’s are met.

Rochele W - McDonalds

Easiest H&S Program

5.0 rating
January 9, 2019

It is so simple and easy to use, I’ve used 2 systems in The Netherlands and 3 different systems in New Zealand. This is the 4th system in New Zealand and it is by far the best of all I ever used.
Donesafe can do anything really, our business will use it for many many things, reporting incidents / hazards and doing the injury management is just the start. We will have (Contractor) inductions, permits, SOPs, training documentation, possibilities are pretty much endless.

Giel, H - SKYCITY Entertainment Group

Really Easy WHS System for our Fast Growing Business

5.0 rating
November 22, 2018

Solid overall. A comprehensive tool that enables our safety leader to be more informed, more productive, and make better decisions. Great work from an Aussie team!! It is comprehensive and very intuitive software that has delivered on all the promises made during the sale process. Donesafe’s platform is incredible in its flexibility – many different apps available make it likely there is something that will fit your needs – even those needs you come across once it is implemented.

Rob Z, Information Technology and Services

Donesafe what a winner! makes our business look so professional

5.0 rating
August 29, 2018

In the cloud, configurability, easily adapted to our needs, ease of use, user-friendly for our team of all ages and IT skills. The onsite dashboards suitable to own internal and also our clients business reporting requirements. Flexibility to handle complex workflows and of course customisable.
We engaged Donesafe to provide a safety/audit/HR incident platform in the cloud for our many remote sites. it worked so well we then added on detailed workflows for contractor management. Many of our clients are international firms with their own stringent audit requirements. Our custom dashboards and reporting tools make our local teams look extremely professional. Our monthly/quarterly client audit meetings are a breeze and has helped us grow heaps of new business.

Jeremy D, Silk

Just very user friendly and easy

5.0 rating
August 27, 2018

Very easy and visually well structured. I found exactly what I was looking for quite quickly and completed.

Bev, Private


5.0 rating
August 27, 2018

Donesafe is easy to use. Very intuitive, agile, and keeping up with the current technology. Perfect solutions to replace old outdated systems and streamline processes.

Valentina H, Telstra

Highly recommend Donesafe!

5.0 rating
August 8, 2018

What a great product! Donesafe is incredibly impressive with its workflow capability and automation. Knowing that you can capture any form of media (CCTV, audio, photos etc) is so powerful for meaningful incident investigations. Excellent team who take the time to listen to what their client wants and needs in a cloud based safety solution.
A team of innovators that listen and spend the time to understand needs, a great and ever evolving product, the ability to customise the platform to make implementation seamless and incredibly intuitive.

Michelle P, Virtual Safety Manager

Great vendor to partner with - simple, intuitive, end-user focussed software

5.0 rating
August 7, 2018

The software is simple and intuitive to use and end-user focused. A great vendor to deal with – they really partner with their clients to get the best outcomes. We have been able to get the system up and running in a short period of time and are getting great results and feedback from stakeholders. Thanks Donesafe

Sam D, Telstra


5.0 rating
July 24, 2018

Really fast and really easy to use. Have been using the tool for a risk audit completed last week. Very easy to upload, comment and get approval. Great tool



5.0 rating
July 3, 2018

Easy to use, easy to adapt. Fast, friendly assistance (and news + updates) Great service, great product, great people.

Steph B, European Autospares Ltd

Concise, Simple, Efficient, Perfect.

5.0 rating
June 27, 2018

What impresses me most about this software is the simplicity and accessibility of all aspects associated with this software. Anything that I need to access on this software is always easy to find, on the rare occasion, this software makes it easy to search and locate whatever is needed. There is nothing that I really dislike about this software. This is a rarity for me not to find a negative, but on this occasion, I cannot say anything bad about this software. Thank you.

Cameron D, Private

Easy to use and sign off

5.0 rating
June 18, 2018

Easy to use and sign off, clear steps when submitting events, actions are easy to sign off and easy to enter feedback. Easy to collate and enter critical information

Paolo V, McDonald's

Easy to Use and intuitive Safety Software

5.0 rating
June 4, 2018

Fully adaptive so it works great on any device. Easy to use, the interface is very intuitive in design. The system is also very easy to customise so you can make it fit the business instead of changing the business to suit the system. We manage more than 50 businesses Safety needs using this system and it certainly makes it easy for us to keep an eye on our customers and react to their needs.

Shayne C, Keep It Simple Safety


5.0 rating
June 1, 2018

All my safety documents in one and can use it in a digital form so no need for paper anymore which is great.

James D, McDonalds Warrawong

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