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2024 Global EHS Readiness Index (GERI)

Groundbreaking global insights from Health and Safety leaders, backed by world-class advisory intelligence.

  • Discover the current EHS maturity landscape
  • Uncover the biggest gaps in EHS readiness
  • Identify areas of risk and vulnerabilities
  • Learn from advisory led best practice
  • Find out what to do next to get ready

Focus Network

Research conducted and published by independent research firm Focus Network

The EHS readiness index will help EHS leaders understand their current EHS posture, where they need to get to and how they can get there, by offering a practical framework to build greater EHS preparedness for the future of work. Andrew Milroy. Vice President and Head of Research, Focus Network

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The must-read report for Health and Safety leaders

  • 1,000+ senior EHS leaders contributed
  • 24,000+ data points gathered
  • 19+ industries represented
  • 6 out of 7 continents responded