NEW Business Update: Vodafone calls on Donesafe

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NEW Business Update: Vodafone calls on Donesafe

Welcome, Vodafone. 

The future is exciting. And yes, we are ready!

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA)

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) needs little to no introduction, as part of one of the most globally recognizable telco and technology brands. 

Tapping into Donesafe’s expertise in safety management solutions, Donesafe and VHA collaborated to create VodaSafe powered by Donesafe – a new incident and hazard reporting portal and safety management tool designed to connect employees within an organization, from workers in the field to the executive team in the boardroom.

During the implementation process, a co-build approach was used to configure Donesafe (drag and drop, no code) to suit VHA’s unique needs. Involved in the implementation were Donesafe’s Head of Enterprise Solutions – Kirsty Graham, Vodafone’s Head of Health, Safety & Facilities – Matthew Harvey, and the Health and Safety team at VHA.

Donesafe EHS Solution

Our Partnership

VHA was looking for a solution that could be scalable as the business changes, easy to use for all,
within budget, and available on any mobile device. After a brief search, they landed on Donesafe.

“VHA built a great relationship with the team over at Donesafe. VHA had clear requirements and with the flexibility of the Donesafe system, we were able to build a system together that matched their bespoke business needs”  

Kirsty Graham

The Launch

The official launch and national go-live date rolled out at the beginning of June. It didn’t take long for
employees to log into the system and complete the actions and forms required. From there, reports
were coming through accurately, with all workflows and automations, making the whole process

Why Donesafe?

Together, Donesafe and the VHA team have created an easy-to-use health and safety system that
makes it simple for all workers to manage, track, respond, and report, from any device. VHA will
utilize Donesafe for a wide range of apps including Contractor Management, Learning Management,
Injury Management, Chemical Register, Plant and Equipment, Safety meetings, Checklists, and many

Vodafone Hutchison Australia joins the growing client list of industry leaders at Donesafe, from small to medium businesses but also the larger Enterprise household names such as Telstra, IAG, McDonald’s, NAB, Suncorp.

Donesafe’s award-winning cloud-based solution is one of the fastest-growing end-to-end tech companies in the health and safety space and is considered a leading player in its industry. 

The future is exciting, for both Donesafe and Vodafone.

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