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Donesafe drives safer, sustainable and compliant workplaces that stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

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We help power the most progressive workplaces become future-ready, today.

Experience + Data = Action

Instantly connect everyone to everything, anywhere

Donesafe’s no-code cloud platform delivers best-in-class enterprise-wide user adoption and data
intelligence to drive smarter actions at scale


Unify everything under a single platform experience and deliver frictionless experiences that drive record user adoption across every interaction, process, and use case.


Breakdown data silos to uncover hidden blindspots that reveal smarter decisions, opportunities, and refinements, in real-time.


Take immediate action with intelligent automation or human intervention on a unified platform that sees it all and knows what to do next, instantly.

The Donesafe Effect

Experience the Donesafe effect.

Our customers experience real results, faster.


Increase in incident reporting

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45 Minutes

Safety reporting tasks reduced from 14 hours to 45 minutes

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Increase in employee engagement

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Incident rate improved from 4.6 to below 1.0

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Employee adoption rate of the platform

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20 hours

Saved a week on paperwork and data collection

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The Donesafe Cloud

The Donesafe Cloud

Unify your world, from the inside out

Meet the next-gen EHSQ management software engineered to radically simplify your entire workplace management ecosystem intelligently.

Explore the Donesafe Cloud


All your use cases. Solved.

Build, configure and deploy. Repeat.

The Donesafe platform is designed from the ground up to be modular and configurable. With over 50+ core modules and the ability to build your own modules, our customers can build all their solutions for every use case under one unified platform.

  • Incident management

    Incident Management

    Capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses.

  • Checklist & inspections

    Checklist & Inspections Management

    Create customized online checklists to automate safety and operational behavior, and inspections.

  • Audit management


    Streamlines capture and assessment of safety and behavior-based observations.

  • Audit management

    Document Management

    Oversight and control of key operational and compliance documentation, such as ISO 9001

  • Audit management

    Audit Management

    Meet compliance obligations and automate organizational audit management protocols.

  • Hazard reporting

    Hazard Management

    Complete hazard lifecycle management, from logging, to corrective actions and close out.

  • Self service

    Safety Meetings

    Schedule, manage and track safety meeting follow-ups, and link to other Donesafe modules.

  • Chemical & SDS management

    Chemicals & SDS Management

    GHS compliant management of Safety Data Sheets, dangerous goods and chemical status.

  • Vendor & Supplier Management

    Vendor & Supplier Management

    Register, track, ensure compliance and assess performance of your vendor and supplier base.

  • Emergency Management

    Emergency Management

    Complete emergency program management including preparedness, drills and inductions and personnel.

  • JSA Management

    SWMS/JSA Management

    Curate a central repository for SWMS, leverage customized templates and automate related workflows.

  • Safety Alerts

    Safety Alerts

    Manage real-time hazard alerts, assign key safety lessons, and provide updates via dashboard and email.

  • Contractor management

    Contractor Management

    End-to-end management of contractor approval, registration, insurances, licenses and site inductions.

  • Learning management

    Learning Management

    SCORMcloud compatible management of competency, e-learning and training requirements.

  • Risk management

    Risk Management

    Integrated framework to manage the risk lifecycle, from identification to assessment and reduction.

  • Change management

    Change Management

    Manage the full spectrum of change within a controlled environment with full audit trail visibility.

  • Obligations Management

    Obligations Management

    Meet reulatory, license and permit requirements, assign owners and monitor corrective actions.

  • Vaccine management


    Streamlined workplace tracking of vaccination and testing status in a centralized, secure platform.

  • Visitor management

    Visitor Management

    Automated registration, induction, tracking and communication with all visitors to keep your sites safe.

  • Drug & Alcohol

    Drug & Alcohol

    Conduct random testing, manage third party testers, capture results and communicate with the lab.

  • Health Monitoring & Hygiene

    Health Monitoring & Hygiene

    Undertake health surveillance medicals, maintain vaccination and testing registers and health records.

  • Projects


    Single-source project oversight including automated assignment, task scheduling and obligation tracking.

  • Hazardous materials

    Hazardous Materials

    Ensure regulatory compliance, track hazardous materials and risk profile, and manage audits.

  • Corrective Actions

    Corrective Actions

    Link corrective actions to findings and causal factors, set priorities and automate workflows for fast close-out.

  • Attestations


    Trigger regular or ad-hoc attestations, and customize the management of declarations and disclosures.

  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

    Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

    Manage CoR incidents and non-conformance, load restraint assessments and link to consignment information.

  • Sustainability Benchmarking

    Sustainability Benchmark

    Capture, analyze, monitor and compare critical sustainability data across emission-generating activities.

  • Customer Complaints

    Customer Complaints

    Log customer feedback, tag product-related commentary and assign for review or follow-up.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement

    Drive workforce feedback processes, assess and prioritise ideas, and measure organizational impact.

  • Quality management

    Non-Conformance (NCR)

    Register for logging non-conformances, with a full investigation framework and corrective action plan.

  • Attestations

    Asset Management

    Catalog, manage, inspect and audit a wide range of assets including PPE, tools, software and vehicles.

  • Contracts

    Workers Compensation

    Conduct end-to-end claims management, calculate associated costs and link directly to insurers.

  • Injury & Claims management

    Injury & Claims Management

    Full spectrum injury claims management including correspondence, investigations and Return To Work.

  • Contracts


    Contract register management including sourcing, tender information, approvals and reporting.

  • Fleet management

    Fleet Management

    Control the purchase, registration, assignment, repairs, servicing, invoice and inspection of your fleet.

  • Permit to Work

    Certification Management

    Records, track and manage qualifications, meet compliance requirements and automate notifications.

  • Advanced BI reporting


    Schedule ergonomic assessments, assign risk levels and drive preventative actions to mitigate risk to workers.

  • Audit management

    Site Diary

    Create, assign and monitor site activities, and promote deeper collaboration between sites and head office.

  • Investigations


    Framework to conduct thorough investigations, assign corrective actions and drive continuous improvement.

  • Data security

    Self Insurance

    Manage self-insurance claims and ensure compliance with built-in legislation for covering all jurisdictions.

  • Permit to Work


    Assign induction courses, track compliance and generate detailed reporting on your entire workforce.

  • Contracts

    Critical Control Management

    Define and improve critical control protocols to mitigate organizational risk.

  • Audit management

    Quality Management

    Centrally track products, defects, feedback, change requests, non-conformance, work orders and invoices.

  • Self service

    Take 5

    Create pre-task risk assessments, identify and assess hazards with our matrix, and assign corrective actions.

  • Sustainability Benchmarking

    Food Safety

    Comply with food safety standards (including HACCP), manage related hazards and enforce critical controls.

  • Id card

    Warden Management

    Complete warden lifecycle management from personnel appointments, to inductions, preparedness and drills.

  • Obligations Management

    Permit to Work

    Centrally manage the contractor workforce and oversee required permits and licenses.

  • Chemical & SDS management


    Lifecycle management of the discovery, inspection, removal and reporting of asbestos incidences.

  • Apps


    Control and manage PPE inventory, automate maintenance and replacement schedules and ensure compliance.

  • Remote Working

    Remote Working

    Manage ergonomic and risk assessments, emergency requirements, and log work-related incidents and hazards.

  • Vaccine management

    Infectious Disease Management

    Triage, monitor and manage confirmed and suspected cases and voluntary isolation of individuals.

  • Site Diary

    Build Your Own

    Create a bespoke module to meet your organizations specific use cases and link to other Donesafe modules.

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