4 ways to justify switching to cloud based safety management software

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4 ways to justify switching to cloud based safety management software

You would not believe the amount you can save on ink costs alone!

You wouldn’t think that investing in a leading, best in breed safety management software could actually save you money, but it can. Many companies could report a payback in as little as 12-24 months, which proves the ROI in safety management software can be quantified.

Here are 4 ways to justify investing in safety management software like Donesafe:

Reason 1. WHERE-THE-FUDGE is that document?

“It costs approximately $122 per lost document?” you say? How can a lost document cost soo much money?

A study by PWC estimates that finding a lost document will cost a company $122, on average.

Let’s say that you have 5 staff members who search, access, and retrieve your safety documents. Searching for documents can take up to 20% of an employee’s day. At 20%, the cumulative time spent finding documents is equal to 1 full-time employee. If it costs $50K per year for a full-time junior employee the costs start to stack up. Time to shave of wastage and save.

It sounds crazy but when you break it down, it’s pretty accurate:

•Speaking to several colleagues on where the missing document could be

•Checking your own desk, drawers, bag, and car

•Checking all printing areas

•Checking filing systems/cabinets

•Checking other workers desks and drawers

•Sending a ‘MISSING’ document email to all staff

•Sitting thinking ‘Where did I last see that document?’

•Calling that staff member who is currently ‘Out Of Office’ to see if they have the missing document

…Need I go on? This adds up to a lot of time and time is money. In case you need another reason, read on.

Reason 2. The whole day replication task

This again comes at a cost to your company!

In a study by the Gartner Group, it’s estimated that it takes up to 25 hours to recreate a lost document (if it’s even possible).

Duplicating that lost template, Injury Register form, or Report – add multiple facilities and locations, business travel, or international time zones, as well as multiplying the effects. A very ineffective system.

Reason 3. WARNING: Ink is running low

Many companies print multiple forms, templates, reports, etc. as part of their current safety system.

Printers themselves cost a BOMB, then you’ve got the ink and paper costs. The ink being hugely expensive. Let’s not forget the time spent waiting for a printer or unjamming a printer. One of Donesafe’s most recent customers has reported a saving of over $200,000 a year in ink (Yes, just ink alone) expenses since implementing our cloud-based safety system.

On to reason 4… like you need a final reason anyways!

Reason 4. Reporting, What Reporting?

The time spent measuring and reporting on safety performance can be mind-boggling. The main culprit for the pain and struggle is data sitting in multiple sources, such as paper, spreadsheets, and point solutions. The unconnected processes are enough to give you a headache before reporting starts.

Why have so many different sources? Each of these sources means reporting is limited, inaccurate, and very time-intensive to set up and keep updated.

By compiling ALL your disconnected processes and data into a cloud-based Safety system mean you can automate your reporting. This means that reporting can be done instantly and in real-time.  You’re welcome!

The Cost of Waiting

The typical conversation starts with companies putting off the decision to invest in Safety software due to costs and a fear the return can’t be quantified.

Most companies report payback in as little as 12-24 months, which proves the switch can be quantified. We’ve already seen some incredible savings since working with some large enterprise companies.

What a money-saving idea!

And as always, keep safe out there.

By Donesafe at donesafe.com

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