Top 10 Work From Home Fails | Much Needed Comic Relief

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Top 10 Work From Home Fails | Much Needed Comic Relief

Grab some snacks!

It’s known that Donesafe likes to pull the odd prank or two on April Fool’s Day. Except this year,
we’ve decided to switch things up and spread fun instead. What’s better than witnessing the top 10
work-from-home fails to date – embarrassed folks across the globe during video conferencing calls,
phone calls, and new home office settings. Enjoy!

As more and more businesses are affected by the spread of COVID-19, workplaces and offices across
the globe have shifted employees from their corporate desks to the couch. With technology
delivering increasing capabilities, the majority can continue working from home, a HUGE privilege in
these uncertain times.

That being said, our new ‘norm’ brings with it, its own set of challenges, namely in the form of needy
pets, small children, partners, or housemates.

We share our favorite #WFHFails below – perfect entertainment for all.

No. 1: Video conferencing can be a little moo-ving for others.

There are a few rules you must follow when working from home. Before you jump on that call with
the CEO, conduct these two important checks before you click on Video:
1.) Am I wearing a shirt?
2.) Check the surroundings before the video starts.

No 2: Sure, take a sip of water but check the cup/glass first.

Being indoors and working from home has its pros and cons.

Thanks for the laugh, Bex, but I’m more concerned about the matching jumper and chair combo. Is
she wearing a chair? Or did she have some leftover fabric?

No.3 – Oh pants! Nothing to see here

When the office equals home and your husband subtracts his pants.
The question is what was he going to ask?

Pro-tip: Watch this video on repeat and it gets better every time.

No.4 – Cat got your tongue?

From left to right, up top; Becky, Rich, *meow* New guy?
From left to right, bottom; Sara, Scott, and Ruby.
“Ok, guys happy Monday. How’s the planning going for the COVID-19 solutions-driven approach?”

Check the meeting’s agenda, chances are it will include a pet show-and-tell.

No.5 – Bird is the word

Not much work going on here, but lots of cuddles.
Manager: “How did you get on with the expenditure report?
Employee: “I’ve been flying through the report.”

No.6 – Round One
It’s a fight for the cleanest employee

Posted by u/lksk_ Reddit – Personal hygiene is key

When half the office takes the COVID-19 social distancing seriously and the other half checks in to ensure everybody is washing their hands and using the office provided hand sanitizer. Safety first.

No.7 – Meeting or Party?

Posted by u/bluewhalespout

Human beings like to do crazy things but it’s usually after hours and a few drinks. Business up top and party at the bottom, pardon the pun. Leave all pants on until 5 pm.

No.8 – It’s a global problem

Changes are happening across the globe and homes are now offices. When home office challenges include; pets, children, partners, and a small band. Sure it’s not dangerous, but it sure is distracting.

No.9 – Daughter: I’m about to start this man’s whole career

BBC News

As we flash to a live news update, what could go wrong from your home office? Remember shoulders back, head up and eye contact. This guy hasn’t been trained to manage intruders during an interview.

Why didn’t he stand up and walk the child out?
Because he doesn’t have trousers on.

No.10 – Office shut down, for some

Oh John, its time to brush off your office shoes, blazer, and head into work. Your lunch breaks will be quiet for the next 30 days and you won’t have anyone to check over your emails before you send them. Now, that I mention it, always get someone to check over your emails before you send them out.

It might be obvious to you, but hey; it always pays to be safe.

And as always, Stay safe out there with Donesafe.

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