Top 10 best (worst?) fails from the r/OSHA subreddit

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Top 10 best (worst?) fails from the r/OSHA subreddit

Don’t try this at work, at home or anywhere!

A few years ago, we made an amazing discovery: The OSHA Subreddit. And believe me when I say
this: It does not disappoint.

It might have been a place where people came to discuss the ins and outs of workplace health and
safety compliance and legislation. It could have been a place for people to ask questions and/or seek
advice. It should have been many things. What it was, was something glorious:

A (beautiful) dumping ground for the worst (THE BEST) of workplace health and safety.

Get comfy and get ready for a jaw-dropping time! Here are the 10 best (worst) bits of advice
carefully extracted from this week’s OSHA Reddit’s safety fails

10. It’s a tick (tick BOOM) from me!

“If it works, it’s not stupid” from r/OSHA

If it works, it’s not stupid but boy let’s hope you’re lucky!

9. Damn, straight!

Should we tell them…? from r/OSHA

Damn, straight and there’s no room for errors. NONE! A roundabout would really throw a spanner in the works here!

8. Just in case the office fish needs to use the emergency stairs

OSHA overload! Watch your step! (8 flights of this) from r/OSHA

PANIC! “Oh, my cod! Quick, let’s go.” said the office fish, during a scheduled evacuation.

7. Work-life balance!

Interesting way to stabilize your construction hoist. from r/OSHA

The after school circus classes could pay off here. A real balancing act. Always have a good work-life balance, that’s if you make it home!

6. The weekend is calling, time to get crawling!

Have a great weekend! from r/OSHA

It’s certainly not safe, but it works! But on the flip side, he’s way under the load limit for this machine!

5. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Pretty advanced technique from r/OSHA

The wrong way, that is! From every angle, this is NOT the right way to complete this job.

4. June 1996, what could go wrong? It was a great year!

Extinguisher where I work. It’s the only one. from r/OSHA

It’s important to stay up-to-date with all fire and safety equipment. Congratulations on having zero fires in 25 years, we hope! Here’s to the next 25, fingers crossed.

3. Where do I start? No. Seriously!

Good luck with troubleshooting from r/OSHA

When you raise a ticket with the IT department and you don’t know how to explain the problem.

2. Safety, perhaps!

Safety 3rd! from r/OSHA

If it’s not safety first, it’s not considered safe at all!

1. Monday = 10 fingers, Friday = 8!

Fingers are overrated anyways. from r/OSHA

Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
Two little ears and one little nose
Two little eyes that shine so bright…

Not with this approach!!

OK, if it isn’t 100% totally clear that all of these are a joke then let me make it crystal clear:


It might be obvious to you, but hey; it always pays to be safe.

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