Safety First(?): Top 5 best (worst?) safety fails from OSHA Subreddit

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Safety First(?): Top 5 best (worst?) safety fails from OSHA Subreddit

Safety first or safety second, either way. We all learn by making mistakes. If we’re fortunate, they’re not our own or anyone that we know. But sometimes, there’s nothing more informative than seeing how a task shouldn’t be done. So we’ve dived back into the OSHA Subreddit and found some of the most dubious examples of workplace safety so you can (hopefully!) learn from someone else’s mistakes instead of making your own.

While safety is no laughing matter, the use of jokes helps to drive home the message of safety.

 1. The railing isn’t an extra step on a rolling ladder.

Posted by u/dmalvarado. See post here.

We’ve all been there; That thing we need is just out of reach and Jim can’t remember where he stored the tallest ladder (again!). Mondays right? You say to yourself “I got this! I used to be pretty fit in high school. Muscles have memory, don’t they? Piece of cake!”

While this is one way to test your balance and relive your high school glory days, perhaps a simple yoga class is the safer option? 

Look I get it, I wish I was taller too. But I also enjoy using my spine, pretty much on a daily basis.

2: Emergency Exits don’t double as extra storage space.

Posted by u/Pkyug. See post here.

It’s good to be an optimist. A positive attitude goes a long way and we’d all like to think that the worst is never going to happen. So why is that perfectly good floor space is reserved for an emergency exit? And where will all this extra stock go? Hey, at least everything is on wheels, right? It will be so quick and easy to move. 

3: Typically, a harness is secured around the waist. 

Posted by u/rixrixrixrix. See post here.

Speaking of Mondays! Hold on to your hats or whatever you can find.

A sense of humor can get us through those days that drag, and a laugh is always good for morale. This guy looks amused right now, but jokes have a way of backfiring. Nek minnit.

4: Use materials that are fit for purpose OR readily available

Posted by u/jacob6969. See post here.

“I couldn’t find the duck tape boss”

Zip/Cable Ties are great. They’re useful for so many things. Let your imagination run wild; the possibilities are endless! Seriously, I would never have thought of this. But there is probably a reason for that. 

5: Choose the right ladder for the right purpose.

Posted by u/weeglos. See post here.

Makes sense, right?

There’s strength in numbers, or so they say. Who’s this ‘they’ anyway? This may not be what ‘they’ were talking about. And besides, today we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to all kinds of tools and products. There’s really no need to make do with something that isn’t quite right. 

OK, if it isn’t 100% totally clear that all of these are a joke then let me make it crystal:
It might be obvious to you, but hey; it always pays to be safe.

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