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Robert Postill takes home #TechDiversity award for commitment to women in coding

In their own words, #TechDiversity celebrates leaders and champions of diversity in the digital technology sector. Last week’s 2016 #TechDiversity awards saw the best and brightest in the tech world join together to celebrate the commitment to the pursuit of diversity in the tech.

Robert Postill, CTO of Donesafe and member of RailsGirls Australia, whose aim is to “give tools and a community for women to understand the technology and to build their ideas”, took home the Education award for his commitment to women in coding. He had this to say:

“I’ve been coding all my life. The industry has been really kind to me, but I’ve had a growing sense of unease about the shrinking number of women remaining in and entering the IT industry.”

In 2010 Robert set out, in support of diversity in technology, to hire his first female developer for his team. After six months he was successful in finding a good candidate with limited experience. However, he realized that something more needed to be done to allow future generations (like his own daughter) to find a place in technology.

What started as a smaller 30 female event has now become a free, twice-yearly, event for any female who wants to learn to code. The two-day event includes workshops, industry engagement, mentoring opportunities, recruiting pipelines, and publicity.

Robert Postill, with the help of a growing group of organizing teams, has now extended the program Australia Wide.

“720 Melbourne women have learned to code so far; and women in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane are also attending RailsGirls events. It’s such a great outcome and a fantastic time for women whatever their background to give coding a try.”

The team at Donesafe congratulate Robert Postill for his award and for his contribution to diversity in coding.

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