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EHS Management Institute Survey Reveals Spending Plans And Technology Priorities For 2020

Safety benchmarking results

Safety benchmarking data – EHS Management Institute – 2020. 

Independent benchmarking research was taken by the EHS Management Institute, with contribution from Donesafe, ‘The People’s Safety Software’, released its annual survey of over 70 EHS professionals across more than 25 industries. 

65% of the respondents – safety leaders responsible for reducing risks in the environment, health, and safety operations – complain their current safety management solution does not meet the requirements of their business. 50% go on to note that they would invest in new technology to replace their current system in 2020. 

These respondents are looking to invest in new technology to improve their current management systems. High priorities for technology investment in 2020 are improving incident management (71% of respondents), enhancing workplace health and safety (63% of respondents), and focusing on risk management (57% of respondents). 

“This is in line with buying trends at Donesafe,” explains Graham Martin of Donesafe. “In 2019, we saw an unprecedented number of clients looking to Donesafe to consolidate their management of health and safety, and in particular Incidents and Risk.”

When considering the top 3 triggers for investment into technology, a huge 45% pin-pointed clunky and inefficient systems as the primary reason. Lack of employee engagement (35%) and lack of visibility into data and performance (30%) rounded off the top 3 triggers.

Do these EHS benchmarking results resonate with you?

Then keep reading. Donesafe has recently invested in technology upgrades in-line with these 2020 market trends. If you are in-market for a new solution, this is a great benchmark for the type of cool features that should form your requirements moving forward. 

Technology to create efficient systems (45%)

What it means – Enjoy your work and do more with the resources at your disposal. Get productivity gains with a system that automates the repetitive work so you can focus on high-level preventative tasks.

Technology to improve employee engagement (35%)

What it means – Software that everyone can understand and use. Encourage worker participation by eliminating productivity killers with intuitive and fast to learn software. Donesafe works on any device, any browser, anywhere.

Case study – McDonald’s

Technology to give visibility into data and performance (30%)

What it means – Turn data into intelligence. Analyze compliance issues to prevent them from occurring in the future. By combining powerful insight tools and the instant flow of data, you will know exactly where you stand on compliance.

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