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How to conduct a risk assessment register (Free Template)

We all sit and talk about the risks in both our personal life and the workplace. There are so many things to factor into the risk especially people, vehicles, heavy machinery, and general workplace environments risks that need to be considered. As a business owner, safety advisor, or manager there are ways to make this simpler; safety management systems that can handle risk management, registers, and assessment components. Within this article, we share a risk assessment template for you to use within your organization, we also offer templates in the following areas; sample policies and procedures, asbestos register, contractor induction checklist, plus more here.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is a proactive process that helps you respond to changes in the workplace whilst facilitating continuous improvement in your organization. It should be planned, systematic, and cover all reasonably foreseeable hazards and associated risks regardless of the system(s) used. 

What is Risk Assessment? 

A risk assessment involves considering what could happen if someone is exposed to a hazard/danger (for example, COVID-19, chemical spill, and/or incorrect PPE) and the likelihood of it causing an incident or an injury. 

A risk assessment can help you to determine: 

  • the severity of the risk – low, medium, high risk
  • whether any existing control measures are effective 
  • what actions, steps, and controls you should take 
  • when to take action and who takes action

The exposure of your workers, contractors, visitors, and/or customers to hazard(s) is a foreseeable risk that must be assessed and managed in the context of your operating environment. 

A risk assessment will assist to: 

  • identify which individuals are at risk of exposure 
  • what sources and processes are causing the risk 
  • identify if and what control measures should be implemented
  • check the effectiveness of existing control measures

A risk assessment can be undertaken with varying degrees of detail depending on the hazard type and the information, data, and resources that you have available. It can be as simple as a discussion with your workers, contractors, and visitors or involve specific risk analysis tools and techniques developed for specific risk types or recommended by safety professionals. For some complex situations, escalation and/or specialist advice may be useful when conducting a risk assessment. 

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