NEW Business Update: Donesafe CEO launches Skycity

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NEW Business Update: Donesafe CEO launches Skycity

What a way to launch Donesafe – all future clients take note

It doesn’t get more official than this. Skycity has marked the launch of its brand-new intelligent
safety management system by LAUNCHING the CEO of Donesafe, Matt Browne, off the southern
hemisphere’s tallest building. That’ll show him for winning a key account in the entertainment
space! (And although entertaining for us spectators, Matt Browne would use other words to
describe it. See the video below.)

The gesture was to highlight Skycity’s commitment to ensuring workplace safety for all employees,
guests, and partners.

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What is Skycity’s new intelligent safety system?

Donesafe is a Sydney-based, online safety management software company, that brings the power of
cloud-based artificial intelligence to businesses of all sizes. Donesafe will implement a new safety
management system using its highly adaptable and automated platform to increase workplace
safety, and open up safety conversations across all Skycity locations. Together, Donesafe and the
Skycity team will create an easy-to-use health, safety, and environmental system that will make it
simple for all workers to manage, respond to, and operate, from any device. Skycity will use
Donesafe for a wide range of apps including Contractor Management, Workers Compensation,
Incident Management, Reporting, Checklists, Audits, and many more.

Today, Donesafe is proud to announce that we have added Skycity Entertainment Group as a
client. Skycity joins the growing client list of industry leaders at Donesafe, from small and medium
businesses to larger Enterprise household names, such as McDonald’s, IAG, NAB, Telstra, and many
more. Donesafe’s award-winning cloud-based solution is one of the fastest-growing end-to-end tech
companies in the health and safety space and is considered a leading player in its industry.

Who is Skycity?

Skycity Entertainment Group is one of Australasia’s leading gaming and entertainment businesses. It
owns and operates casinos in New Zealand and Australia, alongside a variety of restaurants and bars,
luxury hotels, convention centers, and Auckland’s Sky Tower. Skycity employs over 6,000 people
who work across the five locations of Adelaide, Auckland, Darwin, Hamilton, and Queenstown. Their
six world-class casinos, three luxury hotels, over 50 restaurants, and bars, public car parking
operations, New Zealand’s largest convention center, and Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower will all use
Donesafe as their chosen health and safety system vendor.

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