Client Success: Finalist in National Safety Awards of Excellence

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Client Success: Finalist in National Safety Awards of Excellence

A number of our clients are in the spotlight for awards across safety, return to work solutions and
commitment to the continuous improvement of safety initiatives. These awards are amazing for
organizations to be recognized for their success in taking a proactive approach to employee and
organizational health and safety.

Organizations being recognized have one thing in common: they are using Donesafe! For just over seven years, Donesafe has been assisting organizations continuously improve employee
health and safety, as well as develop a strong safety culture.

Wyndham Destination Asia Pacific

In recent weeks, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific has been listed as a 2019 awards finalist at the NSCA foundation for the National Safety Awards of Excellence for Best Continuous Improvement of a WHS Management System

We’d like to wish everyone at Wyndham good luck from the Donesafe team.

What is the NSCA National Safety Award of Excellence?

The NSCA Foundation National Safety Awards of Excellence are Australia’s longest-running and only
independent awards, recognizing outstanding Work Health and Safety initiatives. Now in their 27th
year, these awards continue to celebrate organizations and people that actively promote Work
Health and Safety (WHS) as a cornerstone of elite business performance.

The finalists were announced in August 2019. Through a formal judging process, organizations that
have achieved excellence in their field of work by the introduction, development, or improvement of
health and safety standards, are recognized for their initiatives. Finalists are formally recognized
with winners announced at the National Safety Awards of Excellence gala luncheon on 17 October
2019, in Sydney.

What triggered Wyndham to look for a new solution?

Before Donesafe, Wyndham used a disconnected process consisting of PDF/Word/paper-based
forms. The necessary documents were compiled and filled out, then shared with the distribution
group. There were a few different factors to take into account, based on, for instance, location,
severity, and classification. Communication between the management teams was managed via
email, and this system did not have the ability or opportunity to track and close out corrective

What solutions did you want to achieve as a business?

Wyndham Destination wanted to consolidate data and make reporting easy for various locations,
and reduce time spent on reporting overall. To reduce time spent, Donesafe will provide the ability
to easily log, track, and report hazards, injuries and incidents. This will assist hotel management and
owners with in-depth data and the ability to proactively support employees.

Reporting will provide the organization with real-time analytics to identify trends/need areas to help
reduce and eliminate hazards and incidents for a safer working environment.

Configurability was a major factor and talking point during the research phase amongst all vendors.
Donesafe is fully configurable, allowing super admin users to match the workflows and processes
within the organization based on how they wanted the system to work. As the business grows or
restructures happen, Donesafe can be adjusted and changed to match all changes.

Why did Donesafe win your business?

There are a few reasons why Wyndham Destinations picked Donesafe as their chosen vendor. Firstly,
the system is scalable for the future, whether that involves a requirement for additional features,
company growth, or new markets. Secondly, the platform is easy-to-use without the need for indepth training through change management. Lastly, Donesafe’s reputation in the marketplace is
present with constant growth and a large number of clients within their portfolio.

“We had the option of several references from current clients working with Donesafe. Each happy to share their journey and partnership with us, this speaks volume for the Donesafe product and team.”

Chris Newman, Safety & Wellness Manager (Asia Pacific)

Wyndham formed a partnership with a market-leading system, Donesafe, to work with current
legacy systems that are currently in place, across geographical locations and different hotel
properties, throughout their organization. The core focus was to help synergies and streamline
workplace health and safety whilst empowering the workforce to log and report all hazards and
incidents quickly and in real time.

Quick stats

How many users interact with Donesafe

1,700+ employees with the APAC Region.

Who uses the platform?

All employees. Donesafe will assist with creating a safety culture in the workplace across all geographical locations.

Benefits to the frontline worker with Donesafe

Tackle Any Requirement

All in one. Donesafe will allow all compliance requirements to be contained within a single platform.
Everything from reporting hazards and incidents, to accessing information, training, policies, and
procedures. Fewer systems to learn, find, and use.

Process Efficiency & Automation

Users can track their records as it is passed along up the approval and escalation chain

Eliminating manual tasks and data input. Donesafe will intelligently populate forms and hide unnecessary data fields.

Gain Insight And Predict

Creating a safer workplace.  The business in real-time can analyze every hazard, injury, and incident to anticipate and prevent it from occurring in the future.

Empower Your Workforce

Designed to be modern and easy to use just like your favorite mobile apps.

Donesafe minimizes disruption to your normal work. Donesafe works on any mobile device, anywhere.