Donesafe Supports Hospitals and Frontline Workers During COVID-19

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Donesafe Supports Hospitals and Frontline Workers During COVID-19

The stream of heart-warming stories about people and organizations working together in the face of
this crisis reveals our willingness and ability to help one another.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 – Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard came together in an inspirational
example of what can be achieved, with a bit of creative thinking, time, and energy, for those in need.

Together, duo Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard helped those that put their lives at risk every day –
our frontline medical workers. These workers across the globe have been working tirelessly around
the clock to regain a level of control over this pandemic.

Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard Partnership
Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard – Community Initiative

Donesafe continues its commitment to helping the community by supplying hundreds of frontline workers with a healthy lunch

Bespoke Boulevard has food trucks normally used for festivals and other events; Donesafe is
committed to health and safety. Together, they repurposed the food truck to help frontline workers.

Bespoke Boulevard reached out to the team at St Vincent’s Hospital to secure a date and hundreds
of workers to feed through this community initiative. Donesafe sponsored the initiative to provide
healthy nutritious lunch meals to those completing another busy day at the hospital. The busiest
departments across the hospital were handpicked to ensure staff received that much-needed break,
and a healthy meal to go with it. It was our way of saying, thank you.

Over 200 fresh and healthy ready-to-eat meals were prepared and delivered to medical workers.

“We like to give back when and where we can. Safety is a huge priority at Donesafe and that should be the case across all organizations. Every worker needs a safe place to work and deserves to go home safely every day. This initiative spoke to the heart of everything we look to achieve through our business and our technology. A great partnership and thanks for the opportunity to give back.”

Matthew Browne, Donesafe Cofounder

“In these unprecedented times, the true ethos of a company can really shine through. As a workplace health and safety management software, it is obvious that Donesafe not only cares about the health and safety of employees through their software but is willing to go above and beyond for employees within the community.

Thank you.”

Gabrielle Keaton, Bespoke Boulevard

To share the feel-good story with you all, here’s the journey captured on the day; the preparation
and delivery to the frontline workers.

How else is Donesafe helping during COVID-19?

Today, many workforces have shifted to contactless working or remote working entirely. Donesafe
designed and created a solution to assist organizations through the changes they face as a result of
COVID-19; Infectious Disease and Work from Home apps. Donesafe is offering an app bundle as a
commitment to helping create safer and more fulfilling workplaces.

Donesafe is offering significant discounts to remove the barriers for businesses in need of our online
apps. We have created a ready-to-deploy solution helping safety managers deal with infectious
disease control, displaced workforces, and return to work health checks, just to list a few offerings.

Encouraging a culture where safety is discussed and kept top of mind throughout an organization is
at Donsafe’s core.

Donesafe’s App Bundle

Who is Bespoke Boulevard?

Bespoke Boulevard, a boutique brand management and activation company usually known within
the events space has perfectly timed the decision to focus on innovation and the creation of several
new exciting projects.

Bespoke Boulevard pivoted its core business to supply the infrastructure to feed frontline workers.
Despite all that is going on during these unpredictable times, a humble community initiative urges
organizations to unite together to provide support and a well-deserved ‘thank you to our frontline
health professionals. It’s times like this that allow organizations to shift accordingly, leveraging
contacts and divisional entities, like the Bespoke Boulevard platform, to support communities.

After the cancellation of events in 2020, the focus changed and energy around giving back to the
community became paramount. The community initiative, Care for the Masses was born, creating a
platform for brands, companies, organizations, and individuals to provide immediate support
directly to those in need.

If you want to get involved in this community initiative as an individual or want to know how to get
your business involved, contact the team at Bespoke Boulevard here.