Manage incidents with ease using our Incidents Module

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Manage incidents with ease using our Incidents Module

Reporting incidents in the workplace is a baseline requirement for Safety Managers. And while it’s
standard safety practice, it can be a challenge for most safety teams to be able to log incidents
quickly and easily.

A lot of the time (and you’re not on your own here), an organisation’s incident reporting processes are manual and paper-based. Not only does this chew up large chunks of your day completing reports and filling in the required paperwork, but getting your workers to take the time required to complete a lengthy incident form correctly is a challenge in itself. What’s more, having accurate incident data to report to the leadership team, and from which to glean insights, is time-consuming and can, for Safety Managers, take days out of every month.

We know how important it is to get more hours back in your day to focus on the higher
level, preventative safety tasks. And we’re proud to say that with Donesafe’s Incident Management
module, we do the heavy lifting for you. No more clunky, paper-based, or multi-point systems; no
more following up with workers to complete incident forms, and no more time-consuming reports.

How does the Incidents Module work?

Donesafe’s Incident Management app is designed with the end user in mind. Workers can complete
a super simple incident form on the go; on any device or browser, and be back at work in less than
30 seconds.

For the employee:

They can describe what happened, where, who was involved, tag any colleagues or witnesses, as well as upload a picture, video or CCTV footage of the incident. Once the incident is logged, a notification is automatically sent to their manager to conduct a supervisor investigation. \

For the manager:

The manager can then complete an investigation, before triaging the record through the incident
management workflow. The incident can be closed out if no further investigation is required, or it
can be moved through the next steps with an ICAM Investigation and involvement of Return to

All the information related to the incident is kept in the one place within the record – no chopping
and changing between disconnected systems, and no risk of lost information.

Easy configurability on the fly

The most configured part of our Incidents app is the forms. Admins can easily make changes, or
remove, or add questions to your form in seconds, via the backend settings of every module.

Form configurability

For example, let’s say you’ve decided that you now want to add in a digital signature at the end of
the form, and you want to also add a incident category to include a focus on mental health for
workers. This can be easily done without the need for coding or involving a developer and can be
deployed across the business in minutes.

And if you have your own workflow or incident management templates? They can be easily set up in
the system; you don’t have to follow our out-of-the-box setup.

Real-time reporting 

With Donesafe, all your apps are within the one, single-point solution. This is particularly valuable in
terms of reporting; you don’t need to flick between disconnected clunky systems to get an
understanding of your safety and compliance pulse: it’s all in the one place.

Incident reporting on your one-page dashboard

Your dashboard can be configured to display real-time incident data that’s relevant to you. You can
easily track where incidents are up to in their workflow, manage overdue actions, and close out
records, all from the dashboard, and extract reports that monitor incident prevalence across sites
and locations, total incidents year-on-year, and much more.

Dashboard reporting widgets can be easily added, configured, or removed with a few simple clicks.

Some cool features of the Incidents module

  • Works on any device or browser: Forget having to go into the office to find the right paperwork; workers can easily pull out their phone or device and log an incident on the spot. 
  • Quick and easy to use: Workers can complete a simple incident form and get back to work in just 30 seconds. They can attach a photo or video of the incident to the record, which adds more context and information for reporting. 
  • Design relevant workflows: You can determine the incident workflow process that aligns with your existing business processes, and ensure incident management consistency across your organization.
  • Trigger notifications: Automations can be set up to notify relevant team members when certain events occur: notifying a manager to conduct a supervisor review, notifying Return to Work of an incident, notifying an Asset Manager that equipment was involved in an incident, and more.
  • End-to-end incident management: An entire incident is managed in the one place within the record, including ICAM and Return to Work components. No chopping and changing between systems or loss of crucial information.
  • Easy form configurability: Incident forms can be easily configured and updated within the admin settings. Questions can be added, edited, or removed and set live across the organization in minutes.

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