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Harmon Inc Implements Safety Management System and Safety Training

Industry: Construction
Client: Harmon


Harmon was awash in paperwork and disjointed spreadsheets, they used lagging data points to track results which meant they could not proactively address

their problem areas. Improving their safety practices not only meant a safer work environment and safer workers, but better business continuity across the board.

Harmon evaluated 27 different EHS and Safety Management Systems and decided on HSI for their platform flexibility and breadth of solutions. The results of moving from paper to a digital Safety Management System, plus the rollout of HSI’s online safety training speak for themselves:

  • Incident rate has improved from 4.6 to below 1.0, which is world-class for any company
  • More data for corrective actions has increased workplace safety
  • Safety training is no longer met with resistance from employees

Download the entire case study to learn how Harmon piloted and rolled out the new system and processes. Harmon walks through the keys to success, including how t

Think Safety Done. Think Donesafe!