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Sample WHS Business Health Check Template

Most owners of small and medium businesses are so focused on satisfying the immediate needs of
their staff, customers, and/or suppliers that they forget to plan for the future. When all you think
about is working “in” the business without giving a thought to working “on” the business, it’s time to
make a few changes. In essence, you need to complete a WHS Business Health Check.

What is a business health check checklist?

A Business Health Check checklist is a comprehensive evaluation of the crucial elements within your
business, including health and safety policies and procedures, health and safety plans, workplace
training & safety management, and equipment management.

What Are The Steps Involved In Completing A Business Health Check?

This is a fairly easy process, that involves two parts.

Firstly, providing answers within the WHS Business Health Check downloadable. This begins with an
assessment to be completed by you, in your capacity as the owner/manager of the business. This
assessment contains several questions that help you view the business holistically. Ticking the boxes,
and/or building a to-do list for implementing changes, is an excellent first step towards forming a
comprehensive diagnostic on the business, and the outcome will define the strength of the business
while identifying ways of improving it.

This assessment will need to be reviewed by an independent internal or external business adviser or
other professional, who possesses the expertise and skillset to direct and support the pathway to
success. The results are collected in a report format and then followed-up in meetings arranged with
the business owner, who then has the right to either accept the report or have it modified.

The business owner, along with management, will need to decide which actions to implement in
order to produce positive change for the business. Next steps will include the implementation of
these actions, with the resources agreed upon and a decided timeframe. This creates clarity and
purpose in the business, and builds motivation to act and bring about positive change. Knowledge
provides the experts, and the entire system, with the ability to direct a successful course, from the
beginning through to the end of the Business Health Check.

When and where to use a Business Health Check checklist?

We highly recommend conducting a Business Health Check at least once a year. Some organizations
choose to complete their health checks more frequently at a variety of employment levels, including
management or senior levels, in order to check and maintain a safe working environment for all.

Whether you use a WHS Business Health Check template annually or more frequently, we
recommend it becomes a regular part of your business review processes. It will ensure a level of
understanding of what is/has impacted your business safety and performance whilst adding steps to
resolving or addressing problematic areas.

How to score your WHS business health

How to identify and control workplace health and safety risks. The WHS business health check workplace includes the following scoring:

How to score your business in this WHS business health check:
0 – Nothing in Place
1 – Little evidence, overlooked on most occasions
2 – Some evidence but significant gaps
3 – Fair amount of evidence but some work to do
4 – Significant evidence, more could be done
5 – Excellent

While paper-based WHS business health checks certainly work for organizations there can be additional benefits to automating your safety management system. Online checklists like Donesafe provide a fast and easy way to complete checklists, monitor improvements, track, report, and have all safety requirements for employees accessed from one place.

Donesafe’s powerful inspection management system suited for all industry types to easily create a configured safety inspection checklists to match your business requirements, for all employees can use.

We offer the ability to capture photographic evidence of safety hazards with corresponding notes for corrective actions that can be assigned, tracked, and reported on. Complete safety inspection reports online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Use the real-time data and data gathered over time to continuously improve your workplace safety.

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