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Injury & Claims Management in focus


Joel Fuller

Joel Fuller

Injury Management Systems & Software Specialist HSI Donesafe


Lana Rubinstein

Managing Director, Risk Strategies

New nguyentran

Nguyen Tran

State Relationship Manager Vic & SA, EML Group


Brendan Byrne

Manager Workers Compensation and Injury Management, Austin Health

We partnered up with Risk Strategies to bring together a panel of experts for an informative and insightful discussion about all things injury and claims management.

Some of our industry experts came together to share their knowledge and experience:

  • Joel Fuller, Injury Management Systems & Software Specialist HSI Donesafe
  • Lana Rubinstein, Managing Director, Risk Strategies
  • Nguyen Tran, State Relationship Manager Vic & SA, EML Group
  • Brendan Byrne, Manager Workers Compensation and Injury Management Austin Health

The panel shared strategies, systems, tools and tips that will help you:

  • Achieve better claims outcomes
  • Manage incidents effectively and systematically
  • Implement successful return to work programs
  • Actively prevent and reduce injuries
  • Improve claims performance

Watch the discussion today and uncover what truly works and what’s achievable for those overseeing worker’s compensation claims and injury management across diverse industries.

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