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What Does the Convergence of EHS & ESG Mean for Your Existing Technology Stack?



Matthew Browne

Director and Technology Advisor at HSI Donesafe


Kylie Fraser

Director Safety, Security and Wellbeing at McDonald's


Cameron Smith

Head of Safety & Wellbeing at 7-Eleven


Shailendra Tripathi

Senior Director WHS At Optus

Saturday, April 13 2024
12:55 pm - 01:30 pm AEST
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Kylie Fraser, Director Safety, Security and Wellbeing at McDonald’s’s, Cameron Smith, Head of Safety & Wellbeing at 7-Eleven and Shailendra Tripathi, Senior Director WHS At Optus Took part in a panel discussion about ” What Does the Convergence of EHS & ESG Mean for Your Existing Technology Stack?”, at the 11th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit 2023.
The panel was moderated by Matthew Browne, Director and Technology Advisor at HSI Donesafe

Key points discussed:
● EHS and ESG can work together as one, and how you can leverage the overlap between the two to realize ROI. 
● To practically use technology to increase employee participation in your EHS & ESG program that can uncover your 80% blind spot. 
● To tackle psychosocial and psychological safety within your EHS/ESG program.
● Your technology framework can unify how your organization sees, understands, and actions risk, compliance & governance in real-time.  

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