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Who works? #wework (Donesafe have moved)

Donesafe compliance software safety moves into wework

What a day! The Donesafe head office have moved from the beautiful Jones Bay Wharf to the new Wework office in Pyrmont. I must admit, I was a little sad to leave behind the harbour views behind me, but as I sit here, drinking my third free craft beer (which is on tap… and free… always free) I can’t help but feel somewhat contented with our decision.

Wework is a  provides shared workspaces, community, and services for businesses. Within the walls of the heritage listed 100 Harris St in Pyrmont, we’re surrounded by a mix of heavy old wood and masonry. People rush back and forth, some moving in, some readying themselves for Melbourne cup day (which these days means looking at their phones trying to figure out how to set up their TAB accounts online). The building is beautiful with comfortable offices, and awesome shared spaces. There isn’t an inch that hasn’t been designed to perfection.

So why the move?

weworkAmongst all the hustle and bustle of moving day it’s easy to lose site of why we actually needed to move: Donesafe are growing! With the recent engagement of Audi and Brickworks as well as some upcoming major clients (whom we can’t mention just now), Donesafe simply ran out of space in our old office. We’re bringing on some new developers and managers to help us nurture our growing client base, as well as launch some fantastic new features (which for now are secret but you’ll know about them soon).

Anyway, I’ve just finished my free craft beer. I think I’ll try the ‘Charmer: India Red Ale’ next. I’m not joking about the free beer. Gotta love Wework.

Oh yeah, and stay safe out there.

By Christopher Notley-Smith at

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