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Five things that your safety and compliance platform MUST have (that you may not have considered).

Safety and compliance software platform

Not many people know this, but Donesafe was started because it’s founders weren’t able to find a compliance solution that solved all of their problems. In their search, they did a LOT of research. From all of it, they landed on five core things that you MUST have in any safety and compliance management system. And now, for the first time ever you can share in their knowledge:

Your safety and compliance platform must:

1. Be Feature Rich enough to solve your problem

Don’t solve one problem with multiple platforms all cobbled together. One of the trickiest things in safety management software is to encourage your staff to make it part of their day-to-day. If your staff have to log into one software to fill an audit, another to log an incident and another to register visitors, then you’re going to have a massive problem on your hands. Whatever software you decided on should have integrated modules for everything from incident and injury management, straight through to risk and contractor management. Solve your problem once to keep it solved.

2. Be Configurable

If you need to pay a developer to update your platform every time there’s a legislation change, then over time your system will fall more and more out of date. You need a system that empowers you to make changes as you need them. If you need to add a workflow step; you should be able to add it. If you need to add more hazard types; you should be able to just add them. If your system is locked in a particular state, then you’ll be running into trouble sooner than you think. Use a system that you can configure to your needs and you’ll be a happy camper.

3. Have an exportable Database

Imagine that one day you decide to change safety platforms and you get told that you can’t export your data. As far as we’re concerned, this is a giant no-no. No software should lock you in; not for any reason. If you engage a software platform that doesn’t allow you to export your data then run for the hills. If the software doesn’t give you the ability to leave, then they don’t trust their own ability to satisfy your needs.

4. Be Easy to use (for everyone)

The best Safety and compliance platforms aren’t just for safety professionals to use; they’re for everyone to use. If you need your employees to report incidents and hazards, and complete audits, then you’d better make it as easy to do as possible. Your workers have plenty to worry about already, and if they need to struggle through difficult software for something that they may consider to be an auxiliary part of their role, then they’re far more likely to just not do it rather than spend the time. If your safety and compliance platform is any harder to use than Facebook, then you’re going to be running into trouble.

5. Be Mobile Ready

Incidents, hazards, audits, injuries; all of it. These things don’t just happen in front of a computer. Incidents happen on the way to work. Audits need to be filled on site. A hazard can pop up anywhere. If you and your staff need to be sitting in front of a computer in order to use a platform, then things like incidents are more likely to go unreported than not. With the BYO device becoming more and more common in the modern workplace, make sure your safety platform is something that can be carried in a pocket otherwise you’ll be missing out on the vast majority of its benefits.

Is that it? No of course not, that’s just the stuff you may not have thought of. There are plenty of other things that your safety platform should be. It should be cloud-based, it should automate your processes, and it should SAVE you time in the long run. Usually though, if your safety platform satisfies all of the above five points, then you’ll be guaranteed to be on to a good thing.

Does Donesafe do all this? Well, yes; otherwise we wouldn’t have written this article. So if you’re ready to save you and your business time and money make sure you enquire below. Do it! There’s no better time than now.

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