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Product Development Update December 2016

Product update

Happy new year! With a new year comes new things! With the addition of a bunch of new developers to the Donesafe team, we’ve had a great month of product growth, with a handful of new features and even more usability fixes.

1. New customizable ‘Organisation’ field in Incident/Hazard reports. 


This was a common request with admin-level users so we’ve implemented the ability to adjust the ‘organization’ to which an incident/hazard report is nested under. This is entirely for reporting purposes. Since this is not something all users will want or need, its visibility is adjustable based on user role. To enable this functionality turn on ‘Can Edit Organisations’ in the role attributes for the roles you’d like to be able to edit this.


Doing this will activate a new field in the new report screen.

Currently, this field does automatically record the organization to which an incident or hazard report is attributed. All this field does is allow certain users to override it. If your organization has no need to do this, then you can happily leave this setting off.

2. Improvements to the User index page

Many admins had reported UI difficulties with the user index page. So the following improvements have been made to speed up administrative tasks.

  • Quick User search added to the User Index page. (Collective Hooray!)

  • Contacts can now be easily deactivated.
    Contacts added during a report can now be easily deactivated in the system using the deactivate button.
  • User list filters activated. The column headers now quickly sort alphabetically.

3. Update to CSV bulk uploads

  • Donesafe’s duplicate filtering during CSV uploads was causing many issues for users where duplicate line items actually made sense. This has now been adjusted based on use cases.
  • During Area uploads as long as the location is different, areas with the same name will now upload (eg. if uploading Kitchen: Location A, Kitchen: Location B, both areas will upload)
  • During Question template uploads, as long as the category is different, duplicate questions will now upload (eg. if uploading: Is it clean and tidy?: Category 1, Is it clean and tidy?: Category 2, both questions will be uploaded

4. Notable Fixes/adjustments

This month a great deal of focus was placed in fixes and adjustments to the behavior of the platform. Fixes aren’t always something to get excited about. This month has some major exceptions.

  • Tweak to help chat location
    The help chat icon has been moved to make way for important UI real estate. There will be a lot of very happy admins out there. You can now move through index pages with ease.

  • People Selectors search all text Prior to this month, the people selectors struggled with searching both first name and last name. We’re happy to report that people selectors can now search first and last name and do so at lighting fast speeds even on accounts with very high numbers of users. (100,000+). Everybody will be happy with this one.
  • Pressing Enter/Return in Medical Certificates date selectors Prior to this month, pressing enter/return on medical certificate date-selectors caused the window the save prematurely. This has been resolved.
  • Hazard Contributing Factor Type/Subfactor Type
    A bug causing hazard contributing factor subtypes to not filter based on the selected Type has been resolved.
  • CSV Export repaired
    Due to the update in locations, many of the CSV export options had been disabled. This has now been fixed. Clicking on the [Download CSV] button will now export a CSV matching the filtered list of records.
  • Action Due Reminders now sending
    Due to the way the system handled Action Due reminders, if the first email failed it caused all subsequent action due reminders to stall resulting in many users not receiving action due reminder emails. This has now been resolved.
  • Improvements to Error Messaging during LoginThe login page now responds with a message letting the user know that the username or login was incorrect rather than a 404 Error.
  • Entity too large warnings on file uploads
    Some users were reporting receiving entity too large errors during file uploads. This has now been resolved. If you experience this problem again please contact support.
  • Adding the same new contact twice during a single report now only adds one contact.
    If for some reason the same new contact is added in both the Reported By and Reported To fields that user will now only get added once.
  • Deactivated users no longer showing in People Selectors
    Deactivated users will no longer appear in People Selectors.
  • No more photo upload problems
    There was an intermittent problem where users were getting 413 errors when trying to upload images and files. This has been resolved.
  • + Other minor bug fixes.

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