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New Visitor App, New Report builder and much more!

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Product Development update January 2017

After last month’s bug busting bonanza, this month we set our minds to new stuff; and new stuff doth cometh.

Brand New Visitor Registration App

This one has been in the works for a while now. We’ve rebuilt our visitor registration App from the ground up and the new version comes with a whole list of major upgrades.

  • Available cross platform iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Whatever you’re using, the Donesafe Visitor App has your back.
  • Easy time tracking! Track, not just who’s on site but also, the time they spent on site.
  • Customisable look and feel! Choose your own logo, background, welcome and goodbye messages, and sync them with all devices using your account.
  • It’s now integrated with your Knowledge Base. You can set specific knowledge base articles by location and mark them as mandatory for new sign ins. THEN, once a user signs in they’re shown them and must acknowledge them on the spot.
  • Receive emails OR text notifications for new sign-ins.
  • Print out ID tags automatically in app.
  • Quick setups; if you’re interested in linking the app with your existing Donesafe account just let your account rep know and you can start signing visitors in straight away.

Brand New Report Builder (Beta)


Reporting in Donesafe is about to get a whole lot better. New reports have been a common request for a while now so rather than provide just one solution, we went a step ahead and built a tool that will allow you to build, save and download your own custom reports.
If you want the full run down you can read this article:, you can grab the highlights below

  • Build custom Incident, Hazard, Audit, Workers Compensation, User and Visitor reports. 
  • Add unlimited filters to drill down and grab the exact data you need.
  • Generate Line, Bar, Column or Pie graphs.Export record data for import into your own reporting platforms if necessary.
  • Secure! Aggregate data will be shown without personalisation, but for record lists and export data, the user will only be shown detail on the records they’re allowed to have access to.Again, for more detail and for how to turn on the beta reporter check out this article:
    Be sure to send us feedback to as well.

Massive Role permissions overhaul for significantly greater control


As the specific needs to business grow, so too must our Role permissions system; and now they have done! From now, you’ll be able to allocate record access straight down to a user’s granular level of interaction with that record.

If you want the full run down you can read this article:

Or, you can grab the highlights below:

  • Highly granular control over who can view, edit and delete records by Role.
  • Choose type of relationship for access/edit/delete rights (eg Creator, Reported By, Reported To, Action Assignee etc)
  • Rights adopted from subordinates in organisational Hierarchy to ensure that leaders can access employees records (excluding confidential records).Again, for more detail, check out this article:

Quicker index loading by role permission access caching

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.19.32 am

Along with the new role permissions is an overhaul of how the Donesafe indexes work. To ensure easy access to records to which you have rights to, any record that you can access will now show up in the relevant indexes in the manage and observe sections (Eg, Incidents, Hazards, Observations etc.)

Along with this, major steps have been taken to improve the access speed of these records also. Now, records to which a user has access are cached which significantly decreases load times. To allow this, once any changes are made to roles or organisational hierarchy, users will now see a temporary message notifying them that access rights are updating.

This will only affect established accounts with thousands of records, otherwise the updates will be relatively instantly.

Large bug and UI fixes

  • Multi select now works in Safety Calendar again, which means: Safety Calendar has now been fixed!
  • Old, legacy reports multi selectors working again.
  • Column sort works in Users list again.
  • Actions now flow through to the safety calendar again.
  • Filters no longer cause the chemical register to freeze.
  • Can now add ‘People Involved’ to an incident if that person is added as a new user.

Minor UI and bug fixes

  • People Selector in audit and investigation form is now displaying saved responses
  • Some ‘Contact’ level users were not editable, even by those with technical access. This has been resolved.
  • Where there are two people involved fields on the same page, if a user adds two new duplicate users to both fields, now only one is added.
  • Workers compensation form no longer locks intermittently.
  • Workflow stage numbers now save correctly

As you can see, it was another exciting month in the development update department.

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