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Multiple Rails Developer positions, Customer Success Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Senior Software Sales.

When job hunting, it’s often hard to find a balance between what is fun, what is good for career progression, what satisfies your needs and what provides a good work/life balance. If you can find all that; great, BUT if you can find all of that AND make a meaningful contribution; well that’s a special job indeed.

Jobs at Donesafe

Donesafe has had a bunch of mammoth successes over the last six months and following a very successful funding round we’ve got a lot of positions available that we’re working hard to fill with the right people. Check out the careers page to get a feel for what Donesafe is all about OR, you can click the links below to read the full job descriptions.

Meaningful, exciting work at Donesafe

Donesafe’s product is a groundbreaking cloud-based workplace health, safety, and compliance management platform. The Donesafe platform has a high focus on being easy to use for the average worker but completely configurable in order to meet the very different needs of our clients’ organizations.

For workers, Donesafe is about making workplaces happier and healthier by giving them a tool they can use to be involved with their business’ safety management. See a hazard? Pull out your phone, tap a few buttons and put it away comfortable with the knowledge that the hazard has been reported to the right person who’ll take steps to resolve it- no more getting back to the office to fill in paperwork, taking their time away from the task at hand.

For businesses, Donesafe is a tool to significantly improve their administrative efficiencies whilst systemizing and improving their safety processes. This not only saves them time and money but has a massive positive impact on their internal safety and compliance management. For many businesses, especially SMEs, compliance is hugely important but hugely detracts from the time needed to actually grow their business. Donesafe solves that problem.

Serious Clients, big and small

From small sole trader plumbing businesses to some of Australia’s biggest banks, Donesafe has an enviable and fast-growing client list of Global 500 and ASX 50 companies. In short; there aren’t too many startups with a resume like this one.

On top of that, with a fast-growing partner network including a quickly expanding network and presence in the USA, Donesafe has already taken off.

To be part of the journey in a rewarding and exciting company, click the link below to go to the careers page, or click straight to the job that suits you from the list above. Don’t put it off; your next adventure starts today.

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