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Big News Donesafe Moves into New Digs. It’s bigger and it’s better.

Donesafe Closes Record Quarter, Bolstering Position as Fastest-Growing Safety and Compliance Platform

It’s Donesafe Digs 3.0! 4 times the size, but despite the abundance of new space, it has never felt more like home.

Culture is a powerful force at Donesafe. We value scrappiness, hard work, and innovation. We encourage people to be ambitious, not to fear failure, to treat the customer like a friend, and the team like a family.  Most of all, Donesafe as a company wants to maintain its image as a young, energetic easy to approach business with product AND culture that everyone wants to get involved with. And our office space reflects these values.

We already had that culture and a leading product – it has sparked incredible growth for Donesafe in recent years. With that growth comes a larger headcount, and this was the trigger to upsize. In recent months Donesafe has invested heavily in its client experience and product development team. Now they have a place to sit, stand, shoot some hoops, or play some table tennis (but no need to vacuum, we have robots for that).

If you ever get the chance, come visit us at our new home.

Donesafe, a safety and compliance software company founded in 2013 by 2 co-founders, is winning customers from established players at an impressive clip as it gobbles up even more of the medium and enterprise-sized market. As co-founder Matthew Knee explained, “We are beating our competitors on customer face-offs, and our prospect’s response to product demonstrations is extremely positive.” Knee credits the company’s increasing momentum to Donesafe’s focus on creating technology that enables a highly adaptable solution and a faster time to value. “People want to work naturally out of the tools they use every day. Moving seamlessly from one thing to another and having them integrate, rather than having to start over each time, is a huge bonus for our clients. Everything from hazards, incidents, right through to works comp, quality, environment, and GRC can be contained in the one place. It sounds obvious, but we are the only ones that do it in a fully mobile, easy to use platform.”

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Don’t take it from us – Here’s what our clients say.

Awesome – Easy to use, easy to adapt. Fast, friendly assistance (and news + updates). Great service, great product, great people. – European Autospares Ltd

Fantastic – Really fast and really easy to use. I have been using the tool for a risk audit completed last week. Very easy to upload, comment, and get approval. Great tool. – CBRE

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