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As a safety professional, do you face the same challenges as your peers?


We interviewed 60+ safety professionals within our community on the challenges faced with workplace health and safety. Do you compare notes with other safety professionals and how do you benchmark against the expert-led leaders in safety? Well… take comfort in the fact that we’ve done the research for you and have answers.

Top 3 challenges safety professionals will face in 2020 have been identified –

#1 – The Aging Workforce 

#2 – Employee Fatigue

#3 – Wellbeing and Mental Health

We completed research around the workplace health and safety challenges faced by professionals and have the results ready to share. Hear from safety leaders supporting the biggest household brands, in regards to, workplace health and safety risks and challenges, including the ever-precious results and insights to go with. 

We reveal all and deep-dive into the stats as well as outlining how you can leverage specific features with technology if faced with these challenges. Technology — the ever-growing need for tech is not, and will not, slow down especially as we run into 2020. 

Ok, so what’s trending? 

Safety Challenge #1 – Aging Population in the Workplace

What our clients said:

Donesafe is mindful that the majority of its client base does not have readily available access to real-time data based on age groups to align with current trends in the safety space. 58% of surveyed safety professionals commented on how the aging workforce can be at risk if safety solutions are complex, technology is not available and change management is not completed. 

The aging workforce came in at number one – 58% of surveyed safety professionals commented on how the aging workforce contributes to the increased risk of injury in the workplace. 

Donesafe’s workforce report by age group

Feature development that supports the aging workforce to be their best:

The beauty of Donesafe is its ease of use. Not only does it work seamlessly on any device, smartphone or tablet, but workers can easily log incidents or hazards through a few clicks of a button. Safety should be simple, for everyone; whether you’re just starting out in your career, right through to our aging workforce.

Some of Donesafe’s features that empower the aging workforce are:

Pre-populated data inputs – Donesafe forms automatically captures a workers’ home location, timestamp, and their manager, making logging incidents and hazards quick and easy for employees.

Dynamic dashboards for data and insights – Build an age group based dashboard to better understand the safety trends within each age bracket of your workers. Learn how safety impacts your aging workforce and empower them accordingly.

Safety Challenge #2 – Fatigue amongst Employees

What our clients said:

Our survey generated an 18% response towards fatigue when asked, “Do you have any health and safety challenges within your organization?” Safety professionals mentioned how both physical and mental fatigue carries a huge burden across the safety teams. 

Fatigue reduces an employee’s ability to fulfill each working shift safely and effectively. There are industries that are affected more than others which can significantly increase the organizational risk of injury and absenteeism.

As part of the Donesafe assessment, managers have reported how they can consult employees about the impact of their workload, work schedule in relation to their life and energy levels. To ensure safety requirements are met, the ability to check working records, sign-out sheets and review any relevant workplace incident reports and data can assist to eradicate safety issues in the future. 

Donesafe Fatigue Management Matrix

Feature development to prevent and protect workers from fatigue

When workers engage in excessive mental or physical work for prolonged periods, incidents and injuries can occur. Not only is this problematic for the workers involved, but it can be costly to organizations that need to manage incident fallout. Yet with the right protective measures in place, fatigue-related incidents can be avoided.

With Donesafe, you can protect workers from fatigue through the release of the following features:

The Fatigue Matrix – Determine when workers are fatigued and need to reassign work through the Fatigue Matrix. Workers complete a questionnaire, which then stacks them in the matrix based on their responses.

The Automations tool – use if/then logic to fire off the right actions at the right time. Reassign shifts, notify managers, and implement workflows off the back of fatigue matrix results.

Safety Challenge #3 – Workplace Wellbeing and Mental health

What our clients said:

Results showed that 13% of safety professionals answered how the challenges and risks associated with workplace mental health is a growing concern. Interviewees mentioned how this is expected to explode if actions are not taken. 

When thinking about workplace health and safety, what usually comes to mind are things like heavy machinery or complicated security protocols. Most people’s thoughts don’t immediately jump to mental health. Improving workplace mental health is no easy task unless you have a solution that allows employers to incorporate surveys, help, and assistance when issues arise with the ability to automatically notify managers and senior teams.

By considering mental health as part of a health and safety program, it can often be a rather unpopular idea; particularly with overstretched business owners. Managers who have stepped forward into a structured mental health program within the workplace noted how it made a drastic difference. Its a step in the right direction but there’s still work to be done.

Organizations that focus attention on good mental health rank much higher in productivity terms. Every dollar invested in mental health programs for employees the return is more than double in investment. It’s never been more important to prioritize mental health which, in turn, will result in fewer compensation claims, reduced absenteeism, and greater resources for all.

Donesafe’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Management

Feature development that promotes mentally healthy workplaces

Creating a safe and mentally healthy workplace is a priority for every organization and industry. Providing opportunities for workers to speak up about issues as they arise can go a long way in fostering worker wellbeing.

While mental health isn’t always easy to discuss, the Donesafe platform allows you to easily and regularly check in with workers, making it a natural part of your organization’s workflow.

Donesafe’s features that enable mental health check-ins:

The Wellbeing Check – calculates an individual’s wellbeing score relative to the population, based on their questionnaire input. 

Automations – Use automations to set daily, weekly or monthly checks in with workers, that notify their manager at your chosen escalation points.

How can Donesafe help?

Donesafe continues to provide organizations with an all-in-one environment, health, and safety (EHS) platform that connects your management system across your workforce; opening the safety conversation and building that much-needed safety culture. 

We have achieved so much in such a short space of time with our mobile-first, data-driven, and easy to use platform. Our success as a software company involves constant research and development into industry-specific requirements that are configured within our cloud-based solution, Donesafe. Our offering evolves as our intelligence from organizations grows, we are able to fulfill unique business requirements and expand into new markets with expert-led and knowledgeable offerings. 

To find out how Donesafe the #1 all-in-one EHS platform can help

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LOVING Donesafe!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 22, 2019

Easy to navigate, find it easy to identify hazards and incidents as well as complete checklists for safety purposes within our store. Multiple employees in my store can use Donesafe and it’s an easy way to communicate safety issues within the store. Checklists are done on time and once completed, they are unable to be tampered with giving an authentic date to when it was completed.
100% enjoyable and full of ease. Never had a trouble, easy to learn and to teach other employees how to use.

Rachel C, McDonald’s

Very easy site to log Hazards and incidents when they arise. Very easy to complete checks.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 27, 2018

Easy to navigate, the site is user friendly and also has a training section to practice logging hazards etc. A safer workplace with multiple staff ensuring the checks are completed.

Mark B, McDonald’s

Great User Experience

Rated 5 out of 5
January 14, 2021

Simple and straight forward for front end users. Still making tweaks to the system, very flexible. Haven’t really found something I do not like yet. It’s easy to use and very flexible.
Now have access to accurate reporting and quality data collection. front end-user ease of use facilitating greater reporting of safety items.

Damon, P – Enterprise Wellbeing and Safety

Awesome software easy to use

Rated 5 out of 5
January 12, 2021

Like the easiness of using the software to fill in reports load photo’s and video’s, easy to tech how to use. Would recommend using this software to all crew and managers to make sure everything is recorded and saved.

Crew Coach, Hospitality Industry

Donesafe makes safety easy for us

Rated 5 out of 5
January 7, 2021

Donesafe is a quick and user-friendly system to manage all our health & safety, quality and contractor management. We haven’t found any issues to date, our set-up was quick and easy including videos and documentation. Donesafe has been great to set up and use to make our safety management system more efficient and effective.

Daily Donesafe User, Management