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Sample Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist Template


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What are workplace safety inspection checklists?

Workplace Safety or WHS inspection checklists are tools used by employers and/or safety managers to complete safety checks within your place of work. A workplace safety inspection completed on a checklist can help to identify hazards, raise actions, put controls in place in order to reduce the number or cause of harm and injury to employees, visitors, and contractors.

Workplace safety inspections completed using a dedicated checklist assist with regular and thorough assessments of environments whilst proactively addressing hazards. By preventing work-related incidents and injuries, you could save money on your premiums and/or costly yet preventable work-related events.

Within this article, we share a workplace safety inspection checklist template for you to download for free and use within your organization.
We also offer templates in the following areas; sample policies and proceduresasbestos registercontractor induction checklist, plus more here to maintain a safe and secure workplace for all.

When and where to use a safety inspection checklist

Throughout the use of safety inspection checklists, workplace safety inspectors should examine all activities and variables that pose safety risks and hazards. Each workplace/industry type needs to create the most accurate safety inspection checklist for the given environment:

  • Construction Site: focus on PPE, fall protection, electrical hazards, and communication protocols.
  • Office Environment: focus on fire safety, emergency evacuation, and ergonomics.
  • Warehouse & Factories: focus on PPE, racks and shelving, manual handling, forklifts, and signage.

What it contains

How to identify and control workplace health and safety risks. The workplace safety inspection checklist for small businesses includes the following topics:

  • Safety management
  • Environment
  • Electricity, chemicals, welding, and cutting
  • Confined spaces and working at height
  • Work stations and walkways
  • Housekeeping
  • Emergency procedures and first aid
  • Job safety
  • Incident reporting and returning to work after injury actions

While paper-based inspection checklists certainly work for organizations there can be additional benefits to automating your safety management system. Online checklists like Donesafe provide a fast and easy way to complete checklists, monitor improvements, track, report, and have all safety requirements for employees accessed from one place.

Donesafe’s powerful inspection management system suited for all industry types to easily create a configured safety inspection checklists to match your business requirements, for all employees can use.

We offer the ability to capture photographic evidence of safety hazards with corresponding notes for corrective actions that can be assigned, tracked, and reported on. Complete safety inspection reports online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Use the real-time data and data gathered over time to continuously improve your workplace safety.

Check out Donesafe’s safety inspection checklist solution here.

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