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Incident Management – Your Springboard to Deeper EHS Efficiency


Joel Fuller

Product Specialist
HSI Donesafe

Olivia Holgye

Customer Success Manager
HSI Donesafe

One of the first capabilities that an EHS leader looks to achieve when digitising their program, is the capture and management of incidents and near-misses within their workforce. Linking seamlessly with modules such as hazards and checklists helps streamline a small portion of the Health & Safety value chain, however we often see these small module suites expand into new and interesting digital territories for our customers.

In this session, Joel and Olivia explore the following topics:

  • The immediate impact that a limited digital module suite can deliver
  • Common use-case considerations that drive “phase two” rollouts, such as Risk and Contractor management capabilities
  • Popular module additions to the basic suite that further enhance EHS management efficiencies

We look forward to seeing you at our next virtual event.

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