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April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work

UN world health safety day

Today marks the UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The date of April 28 has long been associated with trade union campaigns to commemorate the victims of occupational accidents. The title of this year’s theme is Workplace Stress: a collective challenge.

This theme was chosen because workplace stress is a global issue, affecting all countries of the world. Nowadays, workers are exposed to unique risks in meeting the demands of the modern workplace. These include psychosocial stressors such as competition, long hours, and high-performance expectations. The initiative aims to address the workplace environment as a cause of stress as well as a place where these issues can be discussed and addressed.

Workplace accidents continue to present a major challenge to occupational health and safety. From the official release:

Every year some two million men and women lose their lives through accidents and diseases linked to their work. In addition, there are 270 million occupational accidents and 160 million occupational diseases each year, incurring US$ 2.8 trillion in costs for lost working time and expenses for treatment, compensation and rehabilitation.

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