Contractor Management software anyone can use

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Contractor Management software anyone can use

The truth is many businesses couldn’t function without contractors to streamline operations and to deliver savings and efficiencies. With over 4% of the population calling themselves contractors, keeping track of them all in your business can be challenging. Especially when it comes to safety. So when some safety managers out there actually say that they are in complete control of their contractors, how have they done it?

How do you currently manage contractors and visitors on-site?

Contractor management software enables contractors to manage their own compliance data. An easy access web-based system prompts the contractor to manage their own data, this ensures the correct contacts are receiving email notifications whenever compliance, insurance, or training issues occur. The system may also interface with training management software for further skill management. An effective system will manage compliance in all areas including inductions, permits, policy checklists, and procedures for safe work environments. The system can manage expirations and re-certifications for insurance, licenses, and training courses. Organizations and contractors that manage this data successfully have fewer incidents and reduce financial risks or penalties.

Does your current process put you at the risk of fines or penalties?

Without an effective contractor management system, organizations risk financial penalties, workplace accidents, environmental disasters, and interruption to vital production. Companies that outsource work need to engage a system that manages health & safety compliance, insurance obligations, licensing, permits, certification, training, and thousands of documents. Smart companies minimize corporate risk by implementing an effective contractor management system.

By having a safety software system (SMS), you can automate these steps with online check-ins, the ability to print badges and scan identification plus many other features. This functionality allows workers and visitors on-site to be managed via an online system to avoid using a whole stack of programs and paper documents allowing businesses to have full visibility in one place to report on figures.

Our features

Within Donesafe you can hold all your OHS software including Visitor and Contractor management solutions for your business. This will ensure that all site visitors are logged, qualified, and provided with ID. Contractor Management is a way to manage your contract workforce and oversee all active visitors including required permits and licenses. Register contractor companies include trading information, insurances, bank details, and pre-qualification to ensure that all the requirements have been met.

Just to name a few…

Manage Qualifications

If it is mandatory to have a license or qualification to be on-site or to complete a certain job, this can be set for each location or specific job that needs completing. A contractor record will be checked to ensure everything is up to date. Ensuring that your sites are complying with laws adds that additional layer to ensuring everybody is protected.

ID Badge Generation

The ability to print ID badges to enable quick sign-in/out of visitors and contractors to your worksite or external site. ID badges can be printed out on-site automatically via the tablet app to a connected printer or viewed digitally. It’s never been easier to manage a contractor workforce.

Mobile app ready

Our system has the ability to work offline through our app, this is available for any device. This is a great feature as an internet connection isn’t always readily available, depending on location, working remotely or from home. This allows for quick registrations, to send alerts and to ensure that all contractors acknowledge site procedures. All information processed within the app whilst offline will sync automatically once you reach an internet connection. To read more on our app functionalities, see this blog.

Live notifications 

The employee responsible for the visitor or contractor is notified via email and (optional) SMS to sign in and out of each location or work site.

Job Management

Set up jobs, assign contractors, and complete safety assessments all within Donesafe. If you wish to run a report through the system based on how many visitors or contractors have visited the site in the last 30 days, this is easy to set up and can be displayed on your dashboard. All of your reports can be managed through Donesafe. By implementing visitor and contractor management through your safety system, this can help streamline all the processes.

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And as always, keep safe out there.

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