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Donesafe strengthens its position as the leading compliance software solution

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Donesafe exists to provide organizations with an easy to use, intelligent and efficient compliance platform.

But achieving this goal as a software company is no mean feat. It takes meticulous research into our industry-leading clients’ needs and then mapping those needs into the latest cloud-based technology and feature development plans.

This article is designed to help safety and compliance decision-makers better understand how Donesafe has driven its product development roadmap and risen to become the #1 innovative technology provider in the space.

Donesafe executes four product strategies to enable superior compliance performance for its clients

Throughout the calendar year, the Donesafe team continued investment in software innovation across four strategic value drivers with the aim to deliver superior compliance performance for all its clients.

Meticulous research into our client’s biggest needs has driven software innovation in four primary categories:

Process efficiency and time-saving through automation

What our clients said:

Safety and compliance departments are under-resourced and sit low in the budget allocation pecking order. Safety managers must do what they can with little chance of team expansion. Ultimately, safety and compliance managers are time poor and must spend the majority of their time completing administrative work in order to maintain the compliance of their workplace and employees.  There is little time to focus on high level and analytical tasks to improve workplace safety …

…which is why we are all here in the first place right?

Feature development that enables clients to work at light speed:

Off the back of this client feedback, Donesafe has developed a suite of features designed to achieve two goals; automate processes, and remove productivity barriers that cause inefficiencies. These can include anything from regular scheduled tasks, followups, double handling, building reports with scattered data sources, and much more.  Donesafe clients have seen significant productivity gains with a system that automates the repetitive work so you can focus on high-level preventative tasks.

Automations Builder

The Automations tool allows you to:

  • Use And/Or logic to set your conditional action triggers.
  • Send actions to who you want, without the risk of spamming everyone.
  • Send actions to one or many, and easily choose who they go to.

Learn how to automate the repetitive work so you can focus on high-level preventative tasks in more detail – read here.


New Scheduler Builder – (to schedule repeating audits meetings, etc)

The Scheduler is another exciting feature of Donesafe and allows you to set up repeating scheduled record creations within the platform. These repeat records can be events such as Actions,  Audits, Observations, or Consultations.

For more information –  read here.

Empowering frontline worker participation with learning, mobile, simplicity, and wearables.

What our clients said:

Organizations recognize technology as the best way to improve compliance culture and collaboration, but there are a number of issues that plague its effectiveness. Many organizations report a large range of worker ages, sometimes ranging from 14 years of age right through to the ’70s.  This brings with it a gulf in technology literacy. While the younger workers demand mobile solutions available from their personal devices, the typical aging worker struggles to come to grips with technology unless it is familiar, intuitive, and easy. 

Also important to building compliance culture and collaboration is information transparency as it moves through the escalation process, and a ‘just in time’ deployment of learning information as workers need it.

Feature development that encourages worker participation:

Putting safety and compliance into the hands of all frontline workers outside the core EHS and quality teams is essential to improving culture and collaboration, and ultimately delivering the full value of the system. To make this happen, Donesafe’s platform is developed for mobile from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and speed of use. Using the latest in software technology architecture, Donesafe has worked to increase its platform reach into common wearables, such as smartwatches. This mobility and exceptional user experience in place, the platform pushes knowledge content to every frontline worker on demand (also known as ‘just in time’) as well as embedding content into different workflow stages. Donesafe has also developed offline capability into its mobile apps.

Increasing worker uptake with personalized technology experiences

Donesafe has launched features in line with this goal including:

  • Personalized Dashboards – hide anything that isn’t relevant to a worker. This dramatically reduces unnecessary ‘noise’ and confusion.
  • Automatic data inputs – Donesafe auto-assigns worker’s home location, manager, timestamp, etc to remove decision making that typically causes them to abandon inputting data.
  • Web browser compatibility – Donesafe works on any browser that the worker chooses to use. Read more here

Driving sustainable change through cultural improvements

After conducting research with their customers on sustainable improvement in safety and compliance, Donesafe has launched improved features to drive collaboration initiatives that give customers control over what information they share, when and with whom. For instance, a customer may share information with a frontline worker on how to deal with a hazard once it is logged, empowering them the take leadership and ownership until corrective actions are taken. Donesafe clients report improving uptake on software usage, and ultimately the reduction in workplace and organizational risk.

Drag and drop configuration of a compliance system bespoke to client requirements

What our clients said:

Compliance and regulatory requirements are always changing, as are the people, structure, and strategic direction of organizations. It is the perfect example of the old saying, “the only constant is change.” In order for a safety and compliance system to remain effective, it must be adaptable with as little financial and time cost possible. If minor and major changes can not be administered by the client, the solution will be at risk of becoming redundant.

Clients also acknowledge that the ability to connect with other internal systems such as HR systems is imperative to keeping data accurate and up to date.

Feature development that enables bespoke management systems:

Donesafe has maintained a focused product strategy with an explicit aim to technology-enabled any client to create a compliance system bespoke to their own requirements. Donesafe now offers more than 100 pre-built templates that can be configured to suit individual needs.  Donesafe forms, workflows, automations, menu collections, branding, reports and more can now be fully customized without writing code.

A few examples of new features include:

Workflow Builder

One of the cornerstones of Donesafe is the ability to automate your safety. As the platform has expanded, so too has the complexity of workflows and automations needed. Because of this, we decided to go back to rethink workflows and rebuild something visual, simplified, and far more flexible.

Donesafe now offers more than 100 pre-built workflows out of the box. Customers can configure these templates as little or as much as they want to meet their unique organizational requirements. The focus on the number of out-of-the-box workflows with configurability is a key success factor in today’s market where competing EHS software vendors simply can not compete on breadth of functionality.


Donesafe’s workflow builder allows you essentially unlimited control over the complexity of your workflows, allowing you to choose who can edit during each stage, who’s allowed to adjust stages, and most importantly; under what circumstances a workflow CAN be changed.

Read more about this feature by clicking here.

Smart Forms

While smart forms have many different benefits, the key here is just how fast and easy it is to make simple changes. Need to make a field ‘required’? Check a box and hit save. Done.

Smart forms can be created with many variables. Add logic to make your forms smart. Forms can make decisions for users, input data automatically, show and hide fields, and drag and drop files. Removing hurdles and making data input fast and easily encourages system-wide participation.

Foresight into potential risks with analytics and leading indicators.

What our clients said:

Donesafe is mindful that the majority of its client base does not have access to data scientists or full-time analysts.  That, combined with limited time and unique organizational requirements, means reporting can be a challenge for the core safety and compliance team.  Donesafe clients consistently comment on the importance of real-time data visibility on their mobile device with a simple filter set and drill-down capabilities.

Feature development to turn data into intelligence:

Donesafe does the work instead, intelligently surfacing data and analyzing new or potential risks. The heavy analytical lifting behind the reporting functionality is of-course invisible to customers and aims to create superior safety and compliance outcomes.

Easily analyze every hazard, injury and incident to anticipate and prevent it in the future. By combining powerful insight tools and the instant flow of data, clients know exactly where they stand on compliance.

Donesafe will allow you to build, save, and download your own custom reports. Read more here

compliance software reporting dashboard

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Awesome – Easy to use, easy to adapt. Fast, friendly assistance (and news + updates). Great service, great product, great people. – European Autospares Ltd

Fantastic – Really fast and really easy to use. I have been using the tool for a risk audit completed last week. Very easy to upload, comment, and get approval. Great tool. – CBRE

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