Part Two – Top 10 Work From Home Fails

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Part Two – Top 10 Work From Home Fails

It’s time for Part 2! Let’s hope you have some snacks left!

Many of us have been working from home now for over 12 months and it has become the new

Last year in April, we released our first working from home (WFH) fails article to add some light
humor to our day. Part One – 10 Work from Home Fails

NEED MORE? We now have the most recent WFH fails from the last few months, what’s better than
witnessing those awkward video conferencing calls, technical issues, animal interruptions and
housemates accidentally on screen in the new home/work locations. Enjoy!

Part Two – Our favourite #WFHFails shared below – perfect content and entertainment for all.

No.1 – Commentator!

It’s all fun and games until the filters get stuck… but its kinda making me hungry!

No.2 Close your eyes… while I take my daughter out of the room!

She’s a true master! Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to reset…and to ignore small children in the background!

No.3 Technology is the…DAD!!

There’s never been a better time to find your own place. You can record all the videos you want but I’m sure her dad would find a way to be part of it!

No.4 Weather report ft. dog

Who needs a weather report when you can opt for a dog report! This can’t even be considered as a fail, this is a win!

No.5 I am a lawyer, but I am NOT a cat!

Filters can be either your friend or foe, they can have their pros and cons. The sad cat filter with a room full of lawyers and a judge can be considered bad timing. Call for back-up! “Assistant!”

No. 6 A strong internet connection is key

“We’re toast!”

“I like toast!”

“Whoever said toast should have toast for breakfast tomorrow!”

Teacher returns… Oh crumbs, my internet connection dropped let’s pick up the lesson where we left off.

Kids… *thinking about toast for the rest of the day.

No.7 BBC – British Broadcast Comedy

The global issues of working from home during COVID-19 (with children). Not sure the BBC wanted to hear about unicorns but consider that added value!

No.8. It’s a no-pants party!

We’re all getting comfortable with the working from home changes as we wait for the return to work changes to come into play! The key to a successful day in the home office is a good coffee machine and pants are optional!

No.9 And the WFH Champion is…

How to double down on productivity… coffee and meetings completed by 8.30 am, all you need to do is clone yourself! Job is done!

No.10 WHF – It’s not easy, but it’s certainly funny!

This parody really completes the issues we face as humans working from home, we are so used to working from an office/location-based setting. We’ve all ticked one of the boxes here!

It might be obvious to you, but hey; it always pays to be safe.

And as always, Stay safe out there with Donesafe.

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