2020: A Year in Review

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2020: A Year in Review

Community & Product Recap 

2020 – what a year! It has been one to remember globally for a range of reasons. 12 months of
constant news reports, rules, restriction changes, and not to mention a whole heap of time spent on
the couch; has been incredibly challenging for us all. Yet what has happened at Donesafe this year is
a little more exciting! Read on to find out more…

172 New Business Contracts
16  Certified Program Partners
14 New Employees
150 How-to Guides
1,773,292+ Automations Daily
361 Product Releases
21 Awards
1 International Tradeshow

Message from the CEO –  

“A massive thank you to the team for all of your efforts through 2020 in what was in many ways both the best and worst (re COVID-19) year we have faced. I am thankful for the team that we have as we shifted towards a new normal both post-acquisition and as we moved into lockdown/working from home. COVID-19 may have disrupted our lives and caused varying levels of pain and suffering for all but for Donesafe, we continued to go from strength to strength. 
We realized our customers needed a little more from us this year and we were prepared to give, grow and stay positive.”

Matthew Browne – Donesafe

Ok, let’s kick things off in January 

We attended our first exhibition for the year and little did we know this would be our last for 2020. The team landed in Georgia, the United States and sponsored the EHS Management Institute Conference. This event brings together EHS leaders with 20 guest speakers, 60+ attendees, and 15 Partners over a two-day event. Donesafe, a key sponsor at the event, displayed our tech-based solutions within the workplace HSEQ space. Throughout the event, we had the opportunity to survey all contacts registered for the event.   

Late January, we received BIG news! We were acquired by HSI (Health & Safety Institute) – the leading Health and Safety company in the United States. More info here.

This didn’t change much for Donesafe as a service/product, but it helped us with our growth and expansion across new and existing markets. Our all-hands meetings are now a little earlier in the day and slightly bigger in size, but our tech is still the same.  

Welcome COVID-19

COVID-19 dominated 2020, but this didn’t stop Donesafe. We raised the bar for new and existing customers.

In early 2020, Donesafe busted the myth that “technology development takes months or even years to complete,” by proving it can take just a matter of days.  


Using the Donesafe ‘no-code’ platform, we configured two highly unique apps that would go on to help tens of thousands manage the spread of COVID-19 and maintain safety in remote workplaces.  

Watch how we created 2 apps in 7 days, without a single line of code: 

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For more information on our Coronavirus solutions, click here

Community News

Donesafe supported hospitals and frontline workers during COVID-19.

Together, duo Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard helped those who put their lives at risk every day –
our frontline medical workers. Across the globe, these workers have been working tirelessly, 24/7, in
order to regain a level of control over this pandemic.

Donesafe sponsored the initiative to provide healthy, nutritious lunches to St Vincent’s Hospital in
Sydney, Australia. The busiest departments across the hospital were handpicked to ensure staff
received that much-needed break and healthy meal to go with it. It was our way of saying, thank

Over 200 fresh and healthy ready-to-eat meals were prepared and delivered to medical workers. See more from the day here.  


Our next Community Event 

February 2021 marks the re-launch of our Safety Community bi-annual events in Sydney. Our first
event for the year will tick all the boxes, featuring all we’ve been waiting for over the last 12 months.
Beautiful venue, bubbles, and canapes (dreamy… okay, I’m back. What else?), scenic views, 12-
month recap from our CEO, and a group of awesome individuals from safety,
compliance, quality and HR professions. Reach out to your account manager, community leader, or
business analyst lead for more information and that must have the golden ticket.

Let’s talk tech – Our new and improved features 

Workflows & Automations 

Automations and workflows sound pretty straightforward and something we’ve always done but wait, we’ve enhanced the backend of our system to save you even more time. 

Workflows – there’s nothing better than taking the heavy lifting out of your admin life. Get ready to streamline your processes! Read on but first, check out our workflows video.

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Automations – We sped up our system to account for the ever-growing number of automations. We assisted hundreds of clients with expert-led advice to enhance their health and safety solutions. This meant more automations, but we were ready.  

Sounds dreamy, right? It is, and over 400 of our clients are creating automations for productivity gains in their business right now. In fact, Donesafe runs over 700,000 automations for our clients daily. 

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Dashboards & Reporting 

Donesafe Manager Dashboard

As a safety manager, being across your organization’s safety and compliance status is paramount. Not only do you need to be aware of how your workplace is tracking and ways it can improve, but you also need to report on those results to your executive team.  

Donesafe dashboards are like your very own safety command center – with all the information, actions and reporting relevant to your role all on the one page. While Donesafe captures an entire range of data within the system, dashboards enable you to surface what matters most to you. You can visualize the performance of your overall organization, your team or your own personal actions, and drill into data for more detail if something stands out. 

Our reporting has been enhanced! As our clients grow our need to add reporting types and support their needs also grows. We are tasked with unique business requirements paired with our system’s configurable structure, we can match and/or replicate current processes and reports. 

Return to Work App

Return to work with Donesafe

We all thought we would be back in the office much sooner, but the reality of it did not meet the coronavirus agenda! Fear not, when you are ready, we have built solutions to return to work quickly and easily for organizations. We focused on how we can support organizations and assist to keep workers safe during the merge back to ‘normality’.

Organizations have a lot to think about when returning the workforce back to the pre-COVID days. Managers and companies alike are considering how they can protect the safety, mental health and wellbeing of their workforce within each environment. 

Check it out our Return to Work article here.  

Furthermore, Donesafe has partnered with Uprise over the last few years. To cover this topic, ‘Returning to a Mentally Healthy and Safe Workplace Post-Lockdown’ in more detail watch both Donesafe and Uprise CEO’s cover questions from our customers in an online webinar.
Watch the webinar here

Mental Health RUOK
Mental Health RUOK

Who is Uprise and why are we perfect partners? Uprise is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that combines multiple wellbeing initiatives into a single, easy to use platform employees. Together, we believe our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Our mission is to provide the best tools for people to self-manage their workplace safety, quality and mental health to make accessing a professional simple and easy.

Time to shine

And the winner is… Donesafe!

We’ve been awarded 21 awards in 2020 and it was all thanks to you. Thank you for giving us glowing reviews and feedback, sharing customer success stories and showing us your continued support. As we continue to grow, we hope you are right there by our side. More on our awards here

Donesafe 2020 Awards

Not a customer? Contact Donesafe today to discover what the award-winning safety, compliance, and risk software looks like.

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Comedic Valueadd 

We covered off a lot of content in 2020 – product updates, safety templates, community updates, humor, company updates and much more. 52 articles to be precise. Here are just some of our favorites to help lift spirits during an eventful year. Our top 3 mood boosters which have taken social media by storm are:

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  2. How companies have innovated to support public safety during COVID-19 
  3. Top 5 best (worst?) safety fails from OSHA Subreddit 

“I laughed till I cried.” 

Facebook user

Thank you for growing with us! 

Good(riddance)bye, 2020 – what an incredibly productive year you’ve been! We’re looking forward to sharing many more exciting updates in 2021. 

Donesafe team