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Author: Angelo De Silva

Why is a QMS critical for ISO 9000:2015 compliance?

What is ISO 9001 and ISO 9001:2015?   The ISO 9000 is the most well-known and used certification standard in the world, and a cornerstoneof EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) management. It has been implemented by over 1 millionorganisations worldwide, small and large, and across different industries. While it is not required for every industry, ISO 9000 compliance delivers … Continued

5 Key Features of EHS Software Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of

EHS compliance software helps enterprises reduce risks while meeting regulatory complianceframeworks. It enhances a company’s visibility over risks that can be associated with them andempowers them to take remedial initiatives to mitigate these risks. While the premise of a health and safety management software may seem simple, most platformsavailable in the market are equipped with … Continued

Save time, gain insights with real-time safety reporting

As a safety manager, being across your organization’s safety and compliance status is paramount.Not only do you need to be aware of how your workplace is tracking and ways it can improve, butyou also need to report on those results to your executive team. If you’re like many (pre-Donesafe!) businesses, you’re likely handling reports in … Continued

Creating a safe and healthy workplace is for everyone

In Australia, we dedicate the month of October to the National Safe Work Month awarenesscampaign and this year our attention shifts slightly to workplace health and safety through COVID19. This week focuses on ‘A safe and healthy workplace is for everyone’. Keeping people safe andhealthy at work must remain a priority for employers and businesses. … Continued

How can organizations use data to make workplaces safer?

In Australia, we dedicate the month of October to the National Safe Work Month awarenesscampaign and this year our focus shifts slightly to workplace health and safety through COVID19. This week features the use of data to make workplaces safer, acknowledging the impacts ofCOVID-19 and encouraging best practice for WHS. What is workplace health and safety data?  Data … Continued

Using Voice Technology To Increase Safety Engagement

If you ask workers how they feel about productivity and safety, invariably you’ll hear that the drive for productivity pushes them one way, and the defined safety requirements of the company pull them in the opposite direction.  What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be safety vs production? There’s a way to … Continued

Business Update: Donesafe’s Award-winning Software 2020

We’ve said this before and we’ll certainly say this again, we’ve been busy. This year, 2020 kicked off on a high and then COVID-19 hit the globe, which, surprisingly, didn’t stopthe team at Donesafe. As we hit our 7th birthday at Donesafe, we can say that the last 7 monthshave been our busiest yet; new … Continued

How Donesafe helps MTAs meet new regulation requirements

It is official – Organizations within the FTA* structure are going to have to migrate from their currenthealth and safety (OHS, WHS, EHS) processes and procedures to a safety management system, as ofthe new extended date, December 31, 2020. New regulation changes are coming into play andhere’s what you need to know: 1 – The … Continued

4 reasons why Donesafe is the perfect SMS for Metro Transit Authorities

Donesafe helps Metro Transit Authorities (MTAs) comply with new Safety Management System(SMS) legislation in the US, by offering an easy-to-use, intelligent and compliant safety platform. Weachieved this goal through meticulous research into our industry-leading clients’ needs and thenmapping those needs into our platform development roadmap. And as a result, we have the perfect SMS for … Continued